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Formally recommended: battery safety comprehensive testing center

by:GESTER Instruments     2020-09-03
In modern times the battery industry has developed rapidly, from dry cells to the lead-acid battery to lithium batteries and polymer battery, especially the rise of new energy vehicles, but also promoted the evapotranspiration of the battery industry, the European commission is the 2030 + (of the battery BATTERY2030 +) 'The massive European long-term research plan, aimed at the united Europe as a whole to solve the battery research and development in the process of facing the challenges, overcome various resistance to achieve the grand established battery performance goals. Whatever the battery industry development, & other; Safety & throughout; Forever is the constant theme the industry. From procurement of raw materials, to design and manufacture of battery and battery pack, after the termination of the battery life of battery recycling involves the use of security issues. In practice, the security performance of the battery is mainly the characteristics of the battery, emergencies, improper application, causes such as environmental changes. The incident ( Such as battery to be squeezed, acupuncture, etc. ) , improper application, Such as overcharge, discharge, etc. ) The environmental change ( Such as high temperature, high humidity environment, etc. ) Was the cause of the main safety problems, so it is necessary to form a comprehensive battery safety test center. Our battery safety comprehensive testing center points, physical test and environment test two parts. Physical test our products mainly include GX - 5066 - C battery weight impact tester, GX - 5067 - C battery extrusion machine, GX - 5068 - C battery needle-punching machine, GX - 6055 battery short circuit tester, GX - 6052 - C battery drop tester, GX - 6053 - C battery burning tester, GX - 3020 - ZC battery low pressure testing machine, GX - 3020 - BL battery thermal shock tester. The environment test, we design a high low temperature test chamber, constant temperature and humidity box, hot and cold impact test chamber, etc. Battery safety test center set up to make the battery test operation more convenient, safer and more beautiful. Jester testing equipment company is a design research and development group has a strong technical force of high quality, can provide customers with high-quality products and complete solutions and excellent technical services. We can offer battery safety comprehensive test center of construction and planning services, we can according to your actual demand and limited resources now given concrete plans, our purpose is to let the enterprise spend zui small cost, create zui big profit value! Welcome to consultation. Tags: & nbsp  battery testing center & NBSP overall laboratory planning and design & NBSP battery safety test lab
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