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Luggage tester: test standard for luggage zippers

by:GESTER Instruments     2021-03-10
The luggage zipper tester is a special instrument used to test the strength of various zippers. Under the action of horizontal and vertical tension, whether the instrument can withstand a specified number of reciprocating pulling operations. During the test, the machine drives the slider of the zipper at a constant speed. Do reciprocating exercises 30 times per minute until the specified number of times. Jester luggage tester has high accuracy and long use time, and it is sold at home and abroad. Here is an introduction to the global zipper testing standards:    China QB/T 2171-2014 Metal zipper QB/T 2172-2014 Injection zipper QB/T 2173-2014 Nylon zipper Japan JIS S 3015-2007 Japanese zipper standard British BS 3084- 2006 British Zipper Standard Australia AS 2332-2003 Australian Zipper Standard American ASTM D2061-2007 Zipper Strength Standard Test ASTM D2062-03 (2009) Standard Test Method for Working Performance of Zipper ASTM D2051-03 (2009) Standard Test Method for Washing Life of Zipper Coating ASTM D2052-2005 Standard test method for color fastness to dry cleaning of zippers ASTM D2053-2004 Standard test method for color fastness to light of zippers ASTM D2054-2004 Standard test method for color fastness of zipper tapes by friction decolorization ASTM D2057-2004 Color fastness to washing of zippers Standard test method ASTM D2058-03 (2009) Standard test method for abrasion resistance of dry-cleaning coating ASTM D2059-2003 Standard test method for salt spray corrosion resistance of zippers is the test standard for luggage zippers. I hope it will be helpful for everyone to detect and purchase luggage. . The copyright of the article belongs to Dongguan Jester Instrument Co., Ltd. Please indicate the source for reprinting. Jester Instrument Co., Ltd. produces and sells luggage tester, furniture tester, textile tester, shoe material tester, stroller tester, luggage zipper tester and other equipment. Welcome to consult.
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