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Batteries extrusion acupuncture devices have what security protection function?

by:GESTER Instruments     2020-09-24
Jester batteries of acupuncture equipment is mainly used in the simulation cell batteries in by external extrusion deformation or sharp puncture after the safety and reliability of detection. The machine by extrusion/prick test lab simulation cells induced by outside force collision deformation or after piercing, and get the test data ( Such as extrusion, acupuncture, battery voltage drop, the highest surface temperature and deformation of the battery, the battery extrusion/acupuncture video data, etc. ) And provide the experimental data and basis for product design optimization, as well as safety risk assessment and validation. Battery with no explosion, not as a qualified fire. Jester batteries extrusion equipment at the same time satisfy UN38 acupuncture. 3, UL2580, IEC62660, SAE J2464, GB/T3148, GB31241, IEC62133 test standard, etc. The machine at the same time in the meet the test standard can effectively protect the safety of test personnel. Jester batteries extrusion needle equipment safety protection function is introduced: 1, explosion-proof design: the whole machine based on safety explosion-proof performance design, USES the box-type structure, test space is enough big, with effective pressure discharging door, 2 have good explosion-proof effect, test area with fire resistant, high temperature resistant design: all parts within the test area by high temperature resistant, resistant to burning accessories. To prevent fire, corrosive liquid, explosive power affect sensor, connection with components are with Toshiba high temperature resistant, flame retardant plastic parts coating can prevent the battery due to combustion and explosion damage on it. 3, stop device: equipment control box fitted with urgent stop switch, emergency treatment for critical cases; When press the stop button, the equipment can disconnect the main power supply. Scram button after the reset, click the start button again, equipment main power to be able to get through, to prevent the occurrence of harm; 4, safety door switch: the door is equipped with a safety induction power switch, when the door is open, power equipment control section can't start, not for subsequent operations, only after the cabinet door closed, before starting control program for subsequent operations, play a protective role in the true sense; 5, trichromatic lamp: installed in the top of the cabinet, equipment of the exception can be emergency alarm notice to related testers quickly, so that the relevant personnel to be able to react quickly, response measures, to avoid things expand 6, limit protection: with SPC and mechanical limit dual protection; 7 July and other power protection. 1. Ego to protect pressure setting function, prevent damage of pressure equipment; 7. 2. Input protection, under voltage, over voltage, over current, lack of phase, overload outage protection; 7. 3. The output protection: over voltage, over current, overload; 7. 4. The power leakage, overload, short circuit protection. Tags: & nbsp  batteries extrusion needle machine & NBSP battery & NBSP jester's extrusion needle machine extrusion needle-punching machine
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