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Button tension tester operation method and maintenance details

by:GESTER Instruments     2021-04-13
Significance and function: 1. The test method of this instrument is used to measure the strength of the vertical pull test on buttons and clothing, and the buttons and buttons do not pull off the clothing; 2. The button sewing specifications required by this method should be in accordance with the button manufacturer The established standard; 3. This test method is used to establish the correlation between different wearing environments, and to compare the types and brands of different buttons; 4. This standard may include hazardous materials, operations and equipment, which are not listed in the standard All possible safety issues in use. Therefore, users of this standard are responsible for establishing relevant safety and health rules, and determining appropriate regulations before use; 5. All buttons need to be sewn to the fabric with chain clothing; 6. According to the test requirements, when the maximum If the size of the button is greater than 6mm or less than or equal to 6mm, the button must be able to withstand 90N and 50N tension respectively. The advantages of the instrument: l The position of the test table can be raised and fixed by the handle, which is convenient for changing the sample; l The horizontal first-wheel operation, designed with ergonomic principles, makes the operator more comfortable; l The safe design of the lock, the operation is more Safe and reliable; l Cooperate with the extra-long rack to make the extended test range wider; l Lower cloth clamps, matching parts, stable clamping and easy to use; l The spring design with hidden core greatly improves the pin tightening force and ensures the test repeatability; l The upper button clamp is equipped with a variety of clamps, suitable for different button samples; l is the most convenient design and can reduce the damage of the sample due to slippage during the test. The operation of the button tester: 1. Install the fixture, cooperate with the tested button, and lock the tested sample to the base 2. Put down the fixture, grasp the button and pull it up, each group of buttons must be able to withstand at least 17 pounds of tension (ie 7.72 kg) and it needs to be kept for 10 seconds without any trace of looseness or damage, and 20 buttons of each style must be tested at the same time to be qualified. 3. If one of the buttons is loose or damaged, or all the buttons must be re-inspected after replacement. Daily maintenance and maintenance: l Do not use overloaded, the rated load of this instrument is 300N; l Pay attention to daily maintenance work and keep all parts of the instrument clean; l When the instrument is running sluggishly and inflexibly during use, please provide bearings on both sides of the machine Add a little engine oil to the lubrication hole on the seat for lubrication. Please contact our company in time when the machine fails. More about button tension tester: http://www.standard-groups.com/OfficeFurniture/
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