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Furniture technology standard profile

by:GESTER Instruments     2020-11-20
The eu banned two bromine-containing flame retardant instructions ( 79/663 / ec欧共体2003/11 / 83/264 / ec) Nickel release order ( 94/27 / ec) Cadmium content of instruction ( 91/338 / eec, 1999/51 / ec) Five chlorine phenol instructions ( 91/173 / eec, 1999/51 / ec) Organic tin ( tbt) Compound instructions ( 89/677 / eec, 1999/51 / ec) Mercury instructions, formaldehyde, to limit the sale and use of arsenic instructions ( 2003/02/ec) 3) American furniture standards (epa The United States environmental protection agency) Responsible for project set up the national standards for the environment, and monitoring the implementation of mandatory standards and conform to the situation. The United States to furniture products have strict safety and environmental protection technical regulations, requires that all the requirements of the relevant import furniture must conform to the epa. Epa requirements are put forward for wooden furniture manufacturing, especially in paints, adhesives, furniture such as wax release of harmful substances in the production of necessities for the strict rules, such as the paint of the release quantity of formaldehyde in shall not exceed the international standard, namely every 100 grams shall not exceed 10 mg etc. Epa classification of wooden furniture is quite detailed, such as a cane to make furniture, solid wood furniture, man-made board, furniture, etc. , for different products for different environmental requirements. ANSI American national standards institute, has formulated the 47 standard at present, the referenced astm standard 18, 10 bifma standard, reference 4 ul standard. ANSI furniture is focused on the furniture of the flame retardant performance, including 17 furniture flame retardant performance standards, including decoration, furniture, decoration, furniture parts, accessories, upholstered furniture, mattresses and bedding, folding chairs of the flame retardant performance testing, and including the wooden ladder, folding chairs, kitchen cabinet hardware, stadium bleachers, cabinets, furniture to homes and businesses, full-size crib, foldable, and can be pulled out of seats and the grandstand, furniture, car cushion, mattress and similar purposes with soft foam material and other furniture products and furniture material standards. 共制定了37份家具标准,主要包括:  家具产品标准:包括学校用家具( Library science test bench and stool, with tables and chairs, cooking, sewing table with chairs and tables, the craft is the artroom with tables and chairs, multi-purpose table, platform, technology with tables and benches, domestic use tables and benches, storage furniture, shoe rack, umbrella stand, children, students with garment cap ark, cleaning tank, etc. ) , home furniture, Study table, chair, bed, baby bed, double bed, etc. ) , office furniture, Desk, chair, table, storage tank, steel shelves, etc. ) And steel storage tank, etc. ;  家具测试标准:家具表面抗冷液体、家具性能试验方法通则、家具振动和地震翻倒的测试方法、强度和耐久性测试等测试标准; Furniture electrical safety requirements. Instrument co. , LTD. Was established in 2006 in the department. The company is located in the city songshan lake high-tech industrial development zone huazhong university of science and technology of manufacturing engineering research, brings together the domestic machinery CNC and the software research and development core team, specializing in the production and research and development of furniture, textile testing instrument testing instruments, toys testing instrument and auto testing instrument. Adhering to the advanced design technology and concept, excellent manufacturing technology and strict quality management system, the company to 'carefully manufactured, whole-hearted service' for the purpose, wholeheartedly for the manufacturing enterprise and the third party testing industry to provide the best products, consulting and services. After years of efforts, has been in the test area enjoys a high honor. Has been the world's largest inspection agencies, SGS and tuv as long-term supplier. We produce all instruments, iso, aatcc, astm, din, en, bs, jis, gb, ANSI, ul, tappi, iec, vde, etc. Our test instruments have been exported to many countries enterprises and testing organizations, but also provide comprehensive laboratory overall solution.
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