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High low temperature alternating test chamber and maintenance instructions

by:GESTER Instruments     2020-09-02
High low temperature alternating test chamber is aviation, automobile, home appliances, research in areas such as the necessary test equipment, used to test and determine the electrician, electronics and other products and materials for high temperature, low temperature, alternating hot and humid degree or constant after testing the temperature of the environment changes of parameters and performance. Reference standard: GB/T2423. 1 - 2008 test A test method, GB/T2423 at low temperature. 2 - 2008 test temperature test method, GB/T2423 B. 3 - 2006 test Ca constant humid heat test method, GB/T2423. 4 - 2008 Db alternating hot and humid test method, etc. , is a device is relatively expensive. So high and low temperature alternating humid heat test box in the process of use without daily maintenance and maintenance, maintenance of the high and low temperature alternating hot and humid test chamber of main divided into daily maintenance and maintenance, major maintenance content is as follows. High low temperature alternating test chamber daily maintenance: 1, clean the surface and inner cavity dust, keep the machine clean and health. 2, check the ammeter current like normal when, if there are any strange, notify maintenance overhaul. 3, all of a sudden power failure, the heating switch is closed, stop automatically start when calling. 4, check whether the fan run normally, and presence of abnormal sound, immediately shut off the machine and inform the maintenance overhaul. High low temperature alternating test chamber maintenance: 1, check whether the air vent is blocked, and clean up the dust. 2, fan operation is normal. 3, mechanic check whether the current is normal. 4, check whether the thermostat is accurate, such as inaccurate, please adjust the thermostat or static compensation sensor is revised. 5, check the heating tube is damaged, the line is aging. 6, check whether the decelerator is accurate, error is allowed. Respect of customer, our company specialized in manufacturing all kinds of environmental test chamber, including constant temperature and humidity box, hot and cold shock box, high and low temperature boxes, salt spray testing machine, sand dust box, get wet in the rain box, aging boxes, aging room, etc. , we provide professional technology and service, the one-to-one customized programs, welcome any inquires! This article from the jester testing equipment company, reprint please indicate the url: https://www. gesterinstruments。 Com/tags: & nbsp  alternating high and low temperature test chamber & NBSP damp and hot chamber & NBSP environment chamber manufacturers
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