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How to choose the lithium battery explosion test cases and use

by:GESTER Instruments     2020-11-21
Lithium battery test box ( Explosion-proof test box) New product development is mainly used in lithium batteries or routine testing lithium battery performance, is mainly used to put the battery to charge, charge and discharge test, the battery put in explosion protection box, external battery tester. For the operating personnel and equipment protection. In view of the safety of lithium-ion batteries and ignition performance, when choosing the lithium battery test box there is a lot of security problems, too many choices at the same time also let the lithium battery test box users do not know how to start, let us now in the main structure and the overview of product description: 1, the structure of the lithium battery explosion test box body adopts double design: internal SUS material labeled with teflon tape + carton manufacture processing of the lacquer that bake, SUS has high temperature resistant performance is better than iron, test chamber labeled with teflon tape can effective anti-corrosion, insulation, fire retardant and easy to clean. Enclosure structure need scientific design, such as lithium battery explosion proof design and the whole car plate metal structure, the same car crash test takes into consideration the overall results. The structure of the lithium battery lab. It is a certain temperature and shock resistance, the key to re-usable. Carton manufacture processing of the lacquer that bake can rust a generous and beautiful effect. 2. Each layer casing side open a circular load line, easy to test cables through; 3. Each layer has a separate test panel to control indoor exhaust, each test test can open the fan in the cabinet exhaust, each layer of the box back with the exhaust fan and had exhaust guide, can be external to the laboratory strong exhaust fan; 4. Each layer of lighting devices are installed cabinet, need not can be convenient to observe the door is open the test sample. 5. Between each layer heat insulation design, can avoid the mutual impact test. 6. Lithium battery explosion test box warning device: internal warning mainly temperature early warning, smoke, fire early warning and gas concentration; According to the different working conditions of the lithium battery lab, choose a different sensor combination. Above is jester equipment company for you a brief introduction of lithium battery explosion test box part of the knowledge content. Thank you for your reading.
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