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How to judge the quality of textile equipment?

by:GESTER Instruments     2021-04-25
Everyone knows that products need to pass the testing of testing equipment to know whether they are qualified, but how can we tell whether the quality of testing equipment is qualified?  At this time, the user needs to entrust a third-party authoritative organization with testing capabilities to test the following items of the instrument with the help of relevant special identification equipment, and comprehensively evaluate whether it meets the national standards or relevant regulations of the industry.   1. Appearance. The painted parts on the surface are flat and smooth, with uniform color, no spots, bubbles, or delamination; chrome-plated parts have no burns, chrome thorns, or delamination. The blackened parts have uniform color and no obvious bumps, dents, rust, burrs, etc. on the surface of other parts.  2. Whether the parts that affect the accuracy are within the allowable error. If it exceeds, adjust it appropriately.  3. Operation performance and control system functions. The key operation is normal, the display is clear and eye-catching, the printing data is accurate, and the test process is continuous and complete.  4, safety protection. If it exceeds 2%-10% of the upper limit of measurement, the instrument will stop automatically. When the moving part reaches the limit, it should also stop automatically.  5. Testing the accuracy of the instrument. Use a standard calibration device that is 3 to 5 times more accurate than the tested instrument to test its accuracy.
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