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National Instruments unveiled at the 2016 Auto Testing and Quality Monitoring Expo

by:GESTER Instruments     2021-04-05
NI (National Instruments, referred to as NI), as a supplier dedicated to providing engineers and scientists with solutions to help them cope with the world's most severe engineering challenges, recently joined a number of senior industry partners in the 2016 automotive test And the Quality Monitoring Expo, focused on displaying its test platforms and solutions in the field of intelligent networked vehicles and GM testing, providing a flexible, reliable and open technical guarantee for the road of intelligent and sustainable development of China's automobile manufacturing. According to the '2016 China Automobile Industry Development Report' issued by the Development Research Center of the State Council, China's automobile industry is experiencing innovative breakthroughs, and intelligence has formed an all-round impact on China's automobile industry chain, and it is clear that intelligent networked vehicles are automobile intelligent products. The best form. However, with the development of automobile intelligence, the electronic devices used are becoming more and more complicated, which makes the entire development process from concept proposal to production and manufacturing full of challenges. As a global leader in the field of automotive test and measurement, NI provides intelligent, flexible, and reliable test platforms and solutions for intelligent networked vehicles, which can fully cover the full cycle testing of automotive products, and help automotive manufacturers effectively improve test development efficiency and reduce Test cost. This time, NI joined forces with its professional partners in the automotive electronics testing industry, Suzhou Lingchuang Ruidi Measurement and Control Technology Co., Ltd., Averna Company, Wico Company and Conrad Technology, highlighting the flexible, Reliable test platform and solutions. At present, NI's products involve rapid prototyping control, automotive terminal testing, measurement and control of TEST Cell, hardware-in-the-loop, and in-vehicle testing and recording. During the development process, NI can help automotive engineers reuse test components such as user interface components, stimulus profiles, and simulation models to improve efficiency and reduce costs. At the same time, automotive engineers can make full use of the flexible, future-oriented and adaptable smart car HIL test system based on the PXI platform, which greatly reduces the development time. In addition, automotive engineers can also use the powerful and flexible NI modular PXI platform to test the equipment under test. At this expo, NI brought the following products to the display: PXI platform-based in-vehicle entertainment information system, millimeter wave automotive radar testing and simulation of Internet of Vehicles, OBU testing equipment, smart car HIL test system, 'according to the'Made in China 2025' strategy, Intelligent connected vehicles will be included in the key areas of national intelligent manufacturing development in the next ten years. NI hopes to fully demonstrate its cutting-edge technologies in the full cycle testing of intelligent connected vehicles and automotive products through this exhibition.' Chen Jianzhong, NI Greater China Sales Director Said, “In the future, NI will continue to focus on the needs and application directions of users in the industry in the future, focusing on the development of an open platform that can cover the entire process of automobile production from prototype construction to production testing, and provide more complete and most cutting-edge technology test solutions. Contribute to the development of intelligent vehicles in China.'
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