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Precautions for purchasing combustion test equipment

by:GESTER Instruments     2021-04-27
The vertical combustion tester is suitable for testing the combustion performance of children's pajamas or decorative fabrics. The sealed stainless steel combustion chamber, observation window and standard burner can accurately test the flame spread speed. Equipped with different sample holders and accessory test kits to meet the requirements of different test standards, the automatic gas control system can easily control the progress of the sample. 1. Equipment use is mainly used for the determination of flame-retardant properties such as flame-retardant clothing, flame-retardant fabrics, safety nets, and seat belts, as well as the review of labor safety certification and industrial production license. The equipment is highly automated, convenient and safe to operate. 2. Equipment parameters 1. Igniter inner diameter: 11mm; 2. Time timer: 0-99.99 seconds can be set arbitrarily; 3. Continuous combustion time and smoldering time timer: 0-99.99 seconds, accuracy: ±0.01 second 4. Flame height Ruler: 40mm5, gas source: propane, butane, liquefied petroleum gas 3. Equipment features 1. Electric heating wire automatic ignition 2. Automatic burner timing, positioning 3. Ignition time can be set arbitrarily from 0 to 99.99 seconds, continuous burning time, overcast Burning time is automatically recorded, digital display 4. Flame height adjustable 5. Equipped with flammable gas leakage alarm device 6. Compliant with standards: GB/T5455-1997 'Textiles—Combustion performance test—Vertical methodOptional items: 1. CHILD. SLEEPWEAR TEST PKG (VFC, NA) DOC-FF3/71 accessories (children's pajamas) include:-1 x Burner 1 igniter-5 x Specimen Holders 5 sample holders 2. CALIF. TB-117 TEST PKGCALIF TB-117 accessories (decorative fabric, vertical method) include-1 x Burner 1 igniter-5 x Specimen Holder 5 samples-1 x Weights 1 weight 3.CPAI-84 TEST PKGCPAI- 84 Test accessories (tents) include: igniter, sample holder and weights. V. Precautions for use 1. Fireworks and fires should be strictly prohibited in the storage of the instrument and gas cylinders, and the fire should be eliminated. The samples that are still smoldering after the test should be extinguished in time. Fire extinguishing equipment such as carbon dioxide should be installed. 2. Before starting the machine, check the gas pipeline carefully and strictly prohibit gas leakage. 3. The operator should wear protective clothing and protective gloves to prevent hands from being stabbed or scalded. 8965.1-2009 'Fire-retardant Protection of Protective Clothing Part 1 Flame-retardant ClothingImmediately remove harmful gases and replace with fresh air. 5. At the end of the test, turn off the gas source first, and then turn off the power after the gas in the pipe is burned out. 6. The instrument is equipped with a gas alarm device. If the gas alarm keeps ringing, please check for gas leaks. 7. After the gas alarm alarms, turn off the power and gas source immediately, and restart it after troubleshooting. 8. The instrument must have a good grounding wire! More about Flammability Testing Instruments: http://www.standard-groups.com/FlammabilityTesting/
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