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Programmable constant temperature and humidity testing machine is the technical matters of attention

by:GESTER Instruments     2020-11-27
Programmable constant temperature and humidity testing machine is also known as the constant temperature and humidity testing machine, constant temperature and humidity test box, constant temperature or constant temperature and humidity box, used to simulate all kinds of materials, electronic electrician semi-finished products, finished products, such as high and low temperature constant and the gradient, mutation, alternating, humid heat test environment simulation experiment using reliability test and combining with the charge and discharge cabinet can high batteries charging and discharging test at low temperature. It is strictly prohibited flammable, explosive, corrosive, easy to volatile substances, strong electromagnetic emission source test and storage ( Except special requirement) 。 Temperature and humidity cycling test for this machine can be application, can be divided into many control, LCD touch-screen control directly, only need to set up the experimental program, to complete test need for personnel to stay for a long time care, designed specifically for the busy laboratory staff. Before you use programmable constant temperature and humidity testing machine, be sure to carefully understand the performance of the constant temperature and humidity test chamber and the technical main point, the following is to pay attention to the following: this machine can work normally in general, if you worry about the machine failure or abnormal will cause a major accident or damage to other equipment, should be also set to avoid accident emergency stop circuit and protection circuit, in order to prevent accidents. To avoid malfunction, please provide the power of the rated voltage range. Low and fault in order to prevent electric shock or misoperation, before the end of the installation and connection, please don't put through power supply. This product is not explosion-proof products, please don't in the presence of flammable or explosive gas environment. 'Don't do STH without authorization remove, processing, modification or repair the machine, otherwise it will produce abnormal movements, the risk of electric shock or fire. Jester detection equipment co. , LTD. , is a collection research and development, design, production, marketing as a whole, the specialty is engaged in the semi-automatic, automatic testing equipment, high-tech enterprises, is a professional manufactures control instruments is the first domestic research and development production battery/battery pack/one of system safety performance test equipment manufacturers. Company owns a complete production system and mature production technology, has advanced production equipment, for the industry take the lead in the introduction of Germany import laser cutting machine, and purchase CNC lathes and milling machine, data bending machine, CNC punching machine and other advanced processing equipment, the industry is one of the few with a lot of advanced processing equipment manufacturers the vents need to maintain patency of the body, so as to avoid failure, abnormal movements, reduce the service life and fire. Low out if found machine damage or deformation, please do not use. Low when the machine installation Settings be careful not to let the dust, lint, scrap iron, or other things into or misoperation or malfunction happens. Wiring must be correct, must be ground. No grounding, misoperation accident getting an electric shock may be caused and display abnormal or have bigger error. Regularly check terminal screws and fixed frame, please don't loose in using. Low instrument during operation, the power supply into the power terminal cover must be installed on the terminal board to prevent electric shock. Low instrument in operation, the modified setting, signal output, such as start, stop, before operation, should fully consider security, wrong operation can make the work equipment damage or failure. Please use dry cloth to wipe the instrument, do not use alcohol, gasoline, or other organic solvents, don't put the water splashed into the instrument, if the water, please stop using immediately, otherwise there is a risk of leakage, electric shock or fire.
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