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The 3rd Asia-Europe Silk Road Clothing Festival was held in Xinjiang on September 2

by:GESTER Instruments     2021-03-10
Standard Group transferred from Chinanews.com. The 3rd Asia-Europe Silk Road Fashion Festival will be held in the beautiful Urumqi from September 2nd to 6th. Different from previous years, this clothing festival will be held at the same time as the 4th China-Asia-Europe Expo and will be unveiled as an independent textile and garment industry pavilion (Hall 5). This year’s Asia Expo specially added a textile and garment industry pavilion with the theme of 'National Strategy, Industrial Opportunities'. At the same time, the 2014 China Garment Conference, 2014 Asia-Europe Fashion Week, Xinjiang Women’s Skilled Hand Competition product display, assistance to Xinjiang provinces and cities will also be held. The Xinjiang Textile and Apparel Industry Cooperation and Exchange Conference and other activities have maximized the driving effect of the exhibition, reflecting Xinjiang's determination to accelerate the development of the textile and apparel industry to drive employment. According to the Organizing Committee of the Clothing Festival, all preparations for the 3rd Asia-Europe Silk Road Clothing Festival have been completed. The exhibition area, booths, domestic and foreign exhibitors, participating countries, well-known domestic and foreign companies and clothing brands of this year’s clothing festival are available. Including Xinjiang ethnic clothing brands will exceed the previous session. A few days ago, the reporter learned from the press conference of the 3rd Asia-Europe Silk Road Fashion Festival that the main venue of the 4th China-Asia-Europe Expo set up 6000 square meters specifically for the 3rd Asia-Europe Silk Road Fashion Festival. The theme of “National Strategy, Industrial Opportunity” in the textile and apparel pavilion in China is higher than that of the previous year. Focusing on the requirement that employment is the biggest livelihood issue in Xinjiang, this year’s Asia-Europe Expo has set up a textile and garment industry exhibition under the premise of tight venues, which was not available in previous sessions to attract leaders in the testing-equipment' target='_blank'>textile industry. Companies participating in the exhibition.   Xinjiang is now China's largest commercial cotton production base. On the Asia-Europe Expo platform, the exhibition of the textile and garment industry pavilion and the promotion of the implementation of the project will drive employment, which will have an important impact on the development and employment of Xinjiang. In order to promote the implementation of textile industry projects and the promotion of employment in the textile and apparel industry, the exhibition will maximize the employment effect of the exhibition. According to the leaders of the Textile Association of the Autonomous Region, the Xinjiang Textile and Apparel Industry Cooperation and Exchange Conference is a highlight of this year’s clothing festival. The cooperation and exchange meeting will introduce the development plan and policy environment of Xinjiang’s textile and apparel industry, and cooperate with 19 aid to Xinjiang. The provinces and cities exchanged the progress of the textile and garment industry aid to Xinjiang, the plan for aid to Xinjiang, and suggestions for promoting the development of the textile and garment industry in Xinjiang, and discussed the strategic tasks and work measures for the coordinated development of Xinjiang and the national textile and garment industry. It is expected that about 300 domestic guests will participate in the conference. people. The China Garment Conference provides the pulse for the development of Xinjiang's garment industry. The China Garment Conference is an industry conference of a certain scale in the Chinese garment industry every year. It is an important resource and service for the China Garment Association to promote industry brand building, technological progress, industrial upgrading and sustainable development. platform. The 2014 China Garment Conference will be held in Urumqi on September 4, and it is expected that the number of participants will be about 500. Liang Yong said that the China Garment Conference held in Xinjiang is of great significance. The conference not only attracted dozens of famous domestic apparel companies such as Youngor, Red Bean, and Seven Wolves, but also held a high-level forum for the development of Xinjiang's apparel industry. Experts, scholars and entrepreneurs such as Du Yuzhou, Honorary Chairman of the Textile Industry Federation, are proud of their thoughtful thinking and unique insights, which are bound to give the pulse of the development of Xinjiang's clothing industry. At the same time, the China Garment Conference Xinjiang Garment Industry Development High-end Forum has become a highlight of this year's Garment Festival. Chen Guoqiang, Vice President of the China Garment Association and Director of the Institute of Industrial Economics, will be invited to publish 'Xinjiang's Position and Role in the Distribution of the National Garment Industry 'Keynote speech, Du Yuzhou, Honorary President of China National Textile and Apparel Council and Honorary President of China National Garment Association, gave a keynote speech on 'Xinjiang Garment Industry and the Silk Road Economic BeltCompanies will participate in the China Garment Conference Xinjiang Garment Industry Development High-end Forum.   Talking about how to promote the development of Xinjiang's garment industry by maximizing its strengths and avoiding weaknesses, industry insiders said that in mid-July, the state gave Xinjiang unprecedented support for the development of the textile and garment industry to drive employment. We must actively undertake the industrial gradient transfer through the Asia-Europe Expo, the Asia-Europe Silk Road Clothing Festival, and the China Garment Conference through cooperation and exchange platforms, attract domestic clothing processing enterprises to invest in Xinjiang, and rely on the technology, management and marketing of the textile and clothing industry in the Mainland The advantages in such aspects as Xinjiang’s local regional advantages, ethnic cultural advantages and labor advantages are organically combined to promote and guide large groups and large enterprises with industrial chain advantages and domestic and foreign sales channels in coastal areas to bring the end of the industrial chain to Xinjiang Transfer, establish export processing bases, effectively accelerate the development of Xinjiang's textile and garment industry by leaps and bounds, and truly solve the employment of millions of people.   In addition, the clothing festival will also hold the '3rd Xinjiang Women's Skillful Hand Competition and Product Exhibition' in Dehui International Clothing City. It is rare to see textile and embroidery artists on-site display and impart unique skills. The 'Contest' will gather outstanding ethnic hand-embroidered crafts and hand-woven carpets from all over Xinjiang, and showcase Xinjiang's handicraft-woven carpets on site. Citizens can watch the colorful, colorful, and various traditional Xinjiang crafts and costumes up close. Article Source:
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