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The test principle and use method of Martindale wear tester

by:GESTER Instruments     2021-03-22
1. Machine model: G235 2. Product name: Martindale abrasion resistance and pilling tester 3. Compliance with standards: ASTMD 4970; ISO12945.2; GB/T4802.2/13775/21196.1/21196.2; ASTMD4966; ISO 12947; FZ/T 20020; BS3424-24/5690; ISO 12947.1/12947.2; Mu0026S; P17/P19/P19C; NEXT 18/18a/18b; ISO5470-2; IWTO-40; JIS L10968.17.5 MethodE; Woolmark TM112 /196; BS EN 388/530/13770; ISO20344 IV. Use: It can detect the abrasion resistance and pilling performance of various fabrics. V. Test method: The test sample is rubbed with the standard friction cloth under the specified pressure, and the After the number of rotations, to evaluate the wear resistance of the sample. 6. Product features: 1. Number of stations: 9 positions significantly improve the test efficiency; 2. Movable sample fastening components: a friction sample can be taken out at any time without affecting other samples, improving test flexibility; 3. , Friction counting range: 0~999999 times, which can be adapted to different wear-resistant materials and standard test requirements; 4. Stroke: horizontal 60.5±0.5mm, longitudinal 24±0.5mm, which can meet the needs of different sizes of materials to be tested; 5. , Two effective friction diameters: can be selected according to actual needs. 6. The relative movement speed of the holder and the grinding table is adjustable: 20-70r/min. 7. Testing principle: 1. The friction resistance test. The round fabric sample is fixed on the grinding table. On the stage, the friction test is carried out with the friction head fixed with the standard friction cloth. There are three evaluation methods: determination of sample damage, determination of quality loss, and evaluation of appearance change. 2. Pilling test The pilling test method adopted on Martindale was developed in accordance with EMPA. The test is suitable for knitted and woven fabrics (woven from spun yarn). Use the test instrument to simulate the pilling that occurs during normal wear. Under slight pressure, rub the sample mounted on the sample holder and the fabric on the grinding table in a certain geometric pattern, and then rub the sample after grinding. Contrast level with standard sample photos. According to the types of tested samples, it can be simply divided into: knitting fuzzing and pilling review sample photos, and woven fabric fuzzing and pilling review sample photos. And according to the jealous condition of the pilling, it is divided into five levels 5-No pilling? 4-Slight pilling? 3-Medium pilling 2-Severe pilling 1-Very severe pilling More about Martindale wear tester : Http://www.standard-groups.com/TextileGarment/
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