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Domestic testing instrument has not yet been beckoning

by:GESTER Instruments     2020-11-25
Domestic testing instrument has not yet been beckoning domestic testing instrument in the research and development manufacturing production, a lot of testing instrument manufacturers cannot independently, imported scientific instruments occupy the main market for a long time, scientific instrument is equivalent to 'hidden' military industry, as well as the field of fight. How to accelerate the rapid development of domestic scientific instruments industry, has been the lingering sting. On the one hand, with the high price to buy imported instruments, bought not willing to give up after use; , on the other hand, cost-effective domestic instruments sold motionless, even was denied the chance of the validation test. Domestic testing instrument of the embarrassing situation has existed for a long time. For users, there is no authoritative technical authentication data is an important factor to dare not to purchase domestic equipment. Many units because they do not understand the scope of application of domestic equipment and a risk-averse, afraid of the technology is immature, and prefer to purchase imported instruments. Both internal development environment and the external market demand, the development of domestic scientific instruments are in a very good stage. How to at the same time of product innovation, the innovation of the management and operation mode, and grope through adjustment, find their own way, let the enterprise and the whole industry can be developed, is now domestic scientific instruments enterprises urgently need thinking about.
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