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Furniture testing instrument how to maintain?

by:GESTER Instruments     2020-11-19
Furniture testing instrument how to maintain? Furniture testing instrument is the use of advanced computer control system for high precision spare parts, and detection, because of the price is expensive, furniture testing instrument for use in time to pay attention to maintenance. Furniture testing instrument at the time of maintenance should pay attention to the following these steps: first, must comply with the cleanliness and operation specification; Using the number of relatively frequent, need to regularly check the jaw, keep testing instrument is often under the conditions of efficient; Not random or to modify or change any testing instrument internal parameters; Immediately the sprocket to hold firmly to the original state; Regular inspection testing equipment instrument transmission structure make the equipment operation is smooth; Can add put glycerine is used to fill the amount of consumption of glycerol test frequently, lest cause lack of glycerol, which might affect the test accuracy.
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