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Harbin Institute of Technology's flame boiler combustion technology has made breakthrough progress

by:GESTER Instruments     2021-05-20
Standard Group Combustion Test Instrument Technical Information: The research results of Professor Li Zhengqi’s research group from Harbin Institute of Technology School of Energy 'The Industrial Application of Improved Multiple Ejection and Staged Combustion Technology on 600 MW Supercritical W Flame Boiler' as a bright article in the environmental field Published in the internationally renowned journal 'Environmental Science and Technology' with an impact factor of 5.330, Harbin Institute of Technology is the first signatory and corresponding author of the paper.    The W flame boiler, which is designed for burning lean coal and anthracite, accounts for more than 80% of the world's installed capacity in my country. In actual operation, W flame boilers will have severe flame deflection in the lower furnace, large deviations in the temperature of the water wall, high nitrogen oxide emission concentration (up to 1200-1600 mg/m3 equivalent to 6% oxygen), and pulverized coal. Poor burnout (the content of fly ash combustibles is 8%-15%) and other issues have seriously affected the safety, environmental protection and economy of W flame boiler operation.    Professor Li Zhengqi's research group proposed the W-flame boiler multiple jet staged combustion technology, dedicated to comprehensively solving the above problems. The technology is applied to a 600 MW supercritical W-flame boiler. Industrial test results show that when anthracite is used (dry ash-free base volatile content is 10%), the opening degree of the over-fire air baffle is reduced from 20% Increased to 70%, the flame symmetry of the lower furnace is good, the heat load of the boiler is evenly distributed, the temperature deviation of the water wall is small, the ignition distance of the dense coal airflow is reduced from 1.05 meters to 0.66 meters, and the content of fly ash combustibles is increased from 5.65% To 6.4%, the nitrogen oxide emission concentration at the outlet of the furnace is reduced from 702 mg/m3 (6% oxygen) to 575 mg/m3 (6% oxygen), and the exhaust gas temperature at the outlet of the air preheater is increased from 126.5 degrees. When the temperature reaches 129 degrees, the boiler efficiency is reduced from 90.1% to 89.7%. Under the best conditions, the fly ash combustible content and nitrogen oxide emission concentration are 6.18% and 589 mg/m3 (6% oxygen) respectively. Safety, environmental protection and economy have all been greatly improved. The research results are of great significance for the development of W flame boiler combustion technology with independent intellectual property rights in my country. More about :Combustion test instrument
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