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How to do office chair foot frame test

by:GESTER Instruments     2020-11-18
7. 1 applicability to this test for all the chair foot type rack chassis. 7. 2 test objective the purpose of this test is to assess excessive foot frame under vertical load. 7. 3 test steps a) Demolition of pneumatic rod or castor ( Castor set to keep in place) , generation to obstacles or support. Recommend the use of castor stem to provide support. Obstacles or support should be high enough, in the middle of the test to avoid the foot frame column and/or legs of contact test platform. Will cushion support dismantle machinery and height adjustment from the feet, shelves. Along the vertical direction of horse central column or tapered/horse interface shape fixed model of load test. b) Is applied load, the chair foot leg should be able to move sideways, feet wearing the central column should be able to move along the vertical direction. Obstacles or support should be with the original position of castor/pneumatic rod and similar supporting way, and not hinder its any deflection during testing and/or lateral movement, also can't weaken the rigor of the test. 7. A) 4 test procedure The horse with 11120 N ( 2500 LBS) The force, time lasts 1 min. b) Lift the load. c) The horse again to 11120 N ( 2500 LBS) The force, time lasts 1 min. d) Lift the load, according to 7. 5 to evaluate product acceptance level. 7. The interior structure of 5 accept horse can't sudden big change. Is applied load, the horse can not contact the central column test platform. Instrument co. , LTD is located in the songshan lake high-tech industrial park, the most innovative features huazhong university of science and technology mechanical nc manufacturing engineering research and software research and development core team, professional production and research and development of all kinds of furniture testing instruments, toys, textile testing instrument testing instruments and general testing instrument. You are welcome to inquire
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