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Tensile testing machine operation method

by:GESTER Instruments     2020-10-20
Tensile testing machine before the test, will be about scheduling precision locating ring to adjust to the required category of upper and lower limit position. , the fixture will touch the switch end test. Testing tensile testing machine, choose the suitable test speed, the rotation rate on the operation panel knobs, until the end of rate indicator is accurate measurement. Starting tensile test machine Lord power master switch, make the switch power supply according to the equipment operation panel. Tensile testing machine should be properly installed sample and the sample, and according to test the types of raw materials selected for the jig. Sample after clamping drawing machine, starting motor, to increase the plate or so fast fixture to moderate, fixed sample. Clamping sample we don't suffer or narrow rashin, to prevent harm to the test result. Starting test tools, strength and tensile testing machine can automatic calibration offset, then prepare for docking test. , so moving higher tensile testing machine key board elevator, start test. The sample (s) at this time, will show the information of 'value. When the sample was broken, the load will be not change. After record values, will remove the broken specimen. According to the mentioned way to hold the sample, after the mobile phone software rating scale can be carried out again. If the detection, power off, please. Tensile test function of automatic measure set out, constant current, tensile strength, stretch around specimen elongation, tensile strength and tensile strength data information, and can consider offset control. Electronic computer automatic control system of the test process management and data processing method considering relative metal materials, non-metallic materials and polymer materials norms, test reports a variety of forms, such as word, Excel, etc. Tensile testing machine zero pollution, low noise, high efficiency and wide speed change category. Tensile testing machine apply to all kinds of metal materials, non-metallic materials and the physical properties of the polymer material inspection, accord with the actual relevant norms. Widely used in rubber, plastic, plastics, plastic film, textiles, polyester, chemical fiber, nano composite materials, fiber materials, polymer materials, packing tape, paper, cable wire, optical fiber cable, belts, belts, shoes, rubber, high polymer, tool steel, 45 # steel, etc. The interpretation of the above is the tensile testing machine's operation method, hope can help you, if you want to learn more about information of tensile testing machine, welcome to the online consulting service or call the company service hotline ( Website top right corner) For consultation, we will wholeheartedly provide high quality service for you! Tags: & nbsp  tensile testing machine
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