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Test method for color fastness to dry rubbing of mattress

by:GESTER Instruments     2021-05-06
Among the unqualified items of mattress testing exposed by CCTV, the color fastness index of mattress textiles to dry rubbing does not meet the national standards. Color fastness refers to the resistance of the color of textiles to various effects during processing and use, and is a quality index used to evaluate whether the product fades. Poor color fastness will cause the surface color and pattern of the mattress to fade and stain light-colored clothing or bedding. The national standard stipulates that the color fastness to dry rubbing of the mattress fabric is ≥3 level. After testing, a total of 7 samples out of 50 samples did not meet the requirements of the national standard. After testing and testing personnel confirmed that 4 of the 37 spring soft mattress samples were unqualified, the unqualified rate was 10.8%. Among the 13 palm fiber elastic mattresses, 3 products were unqualified, and the unqualified rate was 23.1%. When the pigment falls off and attaches to the human skin, the dye molecules and heavy metal ions may be absorbed by the human body through the skin and endanger the health of the human skin. The resistance of the color of textiles to various effects during processing and use. The fastness grade is evaluated based on the discoloration of the sample and the staining of the undyed lining fabric. Textile color fastness test is a routine test item in the internal quality test of textiles. The color fastness to dry/wet rubbing test is to measure the influence of the fabric on the color fastness of the fabric after being rubbed with each other or with other objects during long-term wearing or use. It is also an important test item in the color fastness. :Method of rubbing color fastness: Put a piece of white rubbing cloth on the sample to be tested and rub it back and forth under the specified conditions to transfer the color to the white rubbing cloth. In this case, it can be compared with the stained gray card. To assess the color fastness level. Evaluation of color fastness to rubbing: After the textile test sample is removed from the electric rubbing color fastness tester, it is rated with the standard staining and fading gray card under a standard light source light box. No chromatic aberration at level 5, serious chromatic aberration at level 1. For accurate rating, please contact the relevant technical personnel of our company.
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