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Textile testing instrument technology upgrades and closes, domestic technical strength improves

by:GESTER Instruments     2021-04-17
China is a big country in the textile industry, but the textile testing instrument industry that provides certification for textile safety still relies on foreign technology. This has led to the current low-end products of domestic textile testing instruments flying all over the sky, the price standing one after another is chaotic, and the high-end market is almost blank. A domestic textile testing instrument manufacturer can compete with foreign technology. This has led to my country's textile testing instrument technology being constrained by foreign companies for a long time, and every foreign technology update and upgrade will cause a large number of textile testing instrument companies to be affected.     In 2014, the rate of national export companies affected by foreign technical trade measures was 36.1%. The results of the 8th Ningbo City’s 8th Foreign Technical Trade Measures Impact Survey also showed that in 2014, foreign technical trade measures centered on technical regulations, standards and conformity assessment procedures caused a direct loss of US$1.662 billion in Ningbo’s exports and an additional cost of US$918 million. . Trade barriers have become the biggest 'stumbling block' for Ningbo's exports, including advantageous industries such as electromechanical equipment, textiles and garments, chemical minerals and metals, light industrial toys, rubber and plastics, paper, wood and non-metals, and food and agricultural products.     From the perspective of the specific types of technical trade measures that have an impact, the industries are roughly similar. Among them, the most frequently affected technical trade measures come from 'certification procedure requirements     There is no doubt that the escalation of foreign technical trade barriers has brought direct economic losses to the exports of some enterprises, but I believe that this escalation of technical trade barriers will increase the domestic and foreign markets for industrial testing instruments such as textile testing instruments?     On the one hand, foreign technical trade barriers are upgraded, and enterprises in the industry need to respond to this upgrade and actively strengthen quality control and testing if they want to develop. Although the current rising cost of raw materials and labor will squeeze a certain profit margin of the enterprise, it will bring difficulties to the normal production of the enterprise. However, as long as the company strengthens its product research and development efforts and continuously introduces test instrument products that meet market needs, the company will surely win in the industry shuffle. This is an opportunity for the testing instrument industry.     On the other hand, the escalation of foreign technical trade barriers lies in the fact that emerging markets closely follow developed countries and pay more attention to standards and certification. Such a trend of catching up from behind, and even continuous fermentation, will create a huge market for textile testing instruments. Can it directly lead to the transfer of textile testing equipment overseas and become another opportunity?     Under the situation of foreign textile testing instrument technology being forced, domestic textile testing instrument companies must speed up technological research, overcome long-term dependence on foreign technology, and develop independently the development of textile testing instruments and related technologies with independent intellectual property rights. More about textile testing equipment: http://www.standard-groups.com/TextileGarment/
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