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The parameters of the cold and hot shock test chamber performance

by:GESTER Instruments     2020-12-05
Cold and hot shock test chamber is mainly for the industrial production or military goods, and the electronic devices at high temperature, cryogenic rapid changes adaptability experiment of natural environment. The experiment device key for the goods in accordance with the provisions of the national industry standard, or set rules, the customer in ultra-low temperature, under high temperature and rapid conversion standard, physics and other relevant characteristics of the goods to carry out the environmental simulation test, after testing, according to the test, to distinguish the characteristics of the goods, whether can still be booking regulation, easy for product design, improve the original factory testing, evaluation and use. 1, hot and cold impact test box key by the tectonic system software, refrigeration units, heating, air conditioning system software, system software, the automatic control system and protection system of six parts. 2, hot and cold impact test chamber structure system software consists of lab, cold box and hot box, cold box and hot box and lab according to the automatic air intake valve connection, the participants goods placed in lab, according to the inlet valve open and close to hot cold gas circulation system under impact. 3, selection of cold and hot shock test chamber shell casing for manufacture electrostatic powder coating, the tank selects high quality 304 stainless steel plate, box mouth large Windows, set up in the middle and is equipped with observation lamp, make customer can clearly see specimen experiment condition. The overall appearance having a unique style. 4, hot and cold impact test chamber insulating layer for rigid polyurethane foam polyurethane plus glass cotton, have high compressive strength, good heat insulation, heat resistant characteristics. 5, hot and cold impact test temperature control meter box key selects the independent research and development of PLC touch screen type temperature humidity control instrument, operation method individuation, simple and practical. Type select data calibration system software, embedded common discrete system thermal resistance and thermocouple calibration report, smooth accurate measurement accuracy. 6, hot and cold impact test chamber which can adjust PDI intelligent and 0. 03 temperature humidity display information precision, a variety of alarm. 7, temperature and minus temperature alone, choose hot cold resistance temperature control method ( Options refrigerating capacity control method, environmental protection and energy saving of 30%) 。 8, hot and cold impact test chamber refrigeration unit full of imported refrigeration compressor unit, selected according to different temperature limit a unipolar refrigeration ( - 38*C) , unipolar cascade refrigeration ( - 120° C) Coordinate system maintenance, automatic control and security. 9, heating choose stainless steel plate fin type heat pipes, the highest temperature of 200 & deg; C。 Hot and cold impact test box key to solar module, LED lamp, LED lamps and lanterns, electrical and electronic components, automation components, communication components, auto parts, metal materials, chemical materials, plastic and other manufacturing industries. Testing the resistance to high, ultra-low temperature constant tension of raw material and goods in heat to cold productivity of chemical reactions or physical damage. Tags: & nbsp  hot and cold impact test cases
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