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There are still some problems in the domestic textile tester industry

by:GESTER Instruments     2021-05-16
The domestic textile tester industry still has the problem of low technical level and weak development capabilities. The reliability and stability of the product are still relatively prominent, and users have responded strongly. The product set rate of major engineering projects has decreased (from 80% in the Eighth Five-Year Plan to about 50%); high-end products are mainly occupied by foreign products, especially large-scale precision instruments and core control systems and technologies in complete projects. All rely on imports, and mid-range products are facing a strong impact. Since joining the WTO, the situation has become more severe.  In terms of the overall structure of the industry, the strengths that specialize in forward-looking, basic, strategic, and major special research on the development of the textile tester industry are weak and scattered. Due to the weak technological foundation and poor independent development and innovation capabilities, the main products and technologies (including software and hardware) with independent intellectual property rights are few, and most of the core development technologies and high-tech products of most important products still come from abroad.   CAD, CAM, CAT, machining centers, CNC machine tools, surface mount and flexible processing technologies that have long been popularized internationally have not yet been widely used in the industry. The special and key process technologies suitable for the production characteristics of textile testers are rarely mastered; the management of production organization, technology and operation, and personnel labor and employment systems are seriously incompatible with the characteristics of the industry. Moreover, most domestic enterprises currently have problems such as heavy burdens, low self-financing capabilities, poor investment and financing channels, and even high-debt operations. This makes the overall Ru0026D and transformation investment ratio low, and most of the enterprises’ Ru0026D investment accounts for sales. The proportion of income is less than 2%, and only a few companies have reached 5%. This is particularly detrimental to the technological progress of enterprises.
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