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How far is the domestic textile testing instrument to replace the imported?

by:GESTER Instruments     2021-05-17
Standard Group’s experience in textile equipment for nearly 15 years tells us that domestic textile equipment has always been squeezed out of the market and not highly recognized in the competition of imported textile equipment. Domestic textile equipment is difficult in the cracks. Many textile instrument manufacturers empathize with the status quo of seeking survival and development.     For a long time, imported instruments have been occupying my country's main market, distributed in national, provincial, prefecture-level laboratories, universities and related enterprises. In the field of testing instruments, foreign-funded enterprises such as Shimadzu and Agilent have occupied the Chinese market for a long time. Laboratory testing instruments with almost the same functions and parameters, although the price of imported instruments has been higher than that of domestically produced instruments, they still become the first choice of customers. Due to the inherently poor impression of domestic textile testing instruments in China, many large domestic enterprises and government agencies have limited consideration of imported textile testing instruments when purchasing textile instruments. Domestic companies and institutions have always had an impression of domestic textile testing instruments. Staying in the era of the original crude model has led to huge unfairness in domestic bidding for domestic textile testing instruments. A number of industry insiders interviewed told reporters that at present, low-end homogeneous competition, 'squeezed out' of bidding, and restrictions on foreign hidden technical barriers have caused the current domestic-made testing equipment to be in an embarrassing situation.     Experts at the meeting pointed out that many domestic instruments can actually achieve the same performance of imported instruments long ago, and many instruments have even been widely used by domestic scientific research institutions. Some experts further pointed out: Spending money is to buy practical, not to buy performance indicators. At present, there is almost no difference between domestically-made equipment and imported equipment in mid-range testing instruments, and they are fully satisfactory for use. However, some units use public funds to purchase, regardless of cost, and even take pride in owning imported instruments.     Compared with the fierce competition from foreign equipment, it is an indisputable fact that domestic instruments are in a state of low-end homogeneity competition. It is understood that most domestic instrument companies are currently following the 'low-price market competition' route, with insufficient investment in product costs and poor technological level. In order to compete for the market and reduce the cost of purchasing parts and components, in addition to the weak foundation of precision machining and component products in my country, this directly affects the detection capability of the instrument, which is reflected in the low stability of the instrument.     Some experts said that in the next few years, my country's testing institutions (laboratories), industrial projects, major scientific and technological projects (integrated circuits), and new drug development will also purchase a large number of imported instruments. If these test data, process parameters and other information are all mastered by foreign countries, it will be detrimental to our country's information security.     Therefore, participating experts suggested that the overall competitiveness of the industry should be improved, and the gap between my country's instrument technology and foreign advanced technology should continue to be shortened, so as to achieve 'import substitution' as soon as possible. Therefore, if you want to realize domestic textile testing instruments, the government must take the lead, treat domestic textile testing instruments fairly in the bidding and procurement process, and even purchase more domestic textile testing instruments, do a good job in publicity work in large enterprises, promote the process and subsidy policies, and vigorously Supporting the development of domestic textile testing instruments will be more conducive to the safety control of my country's intelligent inspection.
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