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How to deal with the normalization of the economic downturn in my country's textile instrument industry

by:GESTER Instruments     2021-04-06
On the morning of April 22, 2015, ACCSI2015 'China Scientific Instrument Enterprise Development Summit Forum' was held in Beijing Jingyi Hotel. An important topic of this forum is 'How should the scientific instrument industry face the'new normal''.     At present, my country's economy is in a period of 'slowing down and shifting gears'. On the one hand, the downward pressure on the economy is further increasing. On the other hand, it is also a critical period for industrial upgrading and sustainable economic development. Under such a 'new normal' of economic development, senior Chinese leaders from six domestic and foreign benchmarking companies in the scientific instrument industry were invited to attend this summit forum to discuss the impact of the 'new normal' on the scientific instrument industry and how to seek relevant countermeasures And other topics, shared their own experiences, observations and thoughts. In response to the arguments of the testing instrument industry summit, experts from all walks of life have given their own views. At present, my country is facing the stage of economic growth slowing down for the first time in more than 30 years, so for companies that compete for double-digit growth In other words, the slowdown in economic growth will inevitably lead to pressure on the industry and enterprises. In the face of these problems, how should the textile instrument industry respond?     Here, I summarized the highlights of these guests' speeches for the reference of netizens. 1. Traditional industries (such as metallurgy, mining, cement, etc.) are currently in a difficult period, while the environment, food, life sciences and other fields related to the life and well-being of ordinary people are promising;    2. Through acquisitions, mergers and acquisitions are rapidly moving to the industry The upstream and downstream expansion of the chain (for example: the environment), so as to provide users with more comprehensive services;   3. The instrumentation industry itself is an industry with a long input and output cycle. Therefore, as a manufacturer in the industry, it is necessary to look for medium and Short-term market hotspots, on the other hand, we must also have long-term plans for product and technology research and development;   4. For the leaders of enterprises, they must have a feeling of serving the country by industry, and they must be able to withstand loneliness and withstand the outside world. within Temptation. This is especially important for manufacturers who intend to expand to the upstream of the industrial chain through their own efforts;   5. For the cultivation of emerging markets (such as the LED industry), it is very important to participate in the establishment of standards, even if it is first to cooperate with enterprises to establish corporate standards; 6. According to foreign experience, the civilian market is one direction, and qualified manufacturers can make technical reserves in advance;    7. Turn instrument sales into solution providers, that is, provide users with more in-depth services. The solutions here include providing Methods, reference materials, to help pass qualification certification, train laboratory personnel, and even help users improve the efficiency of the entire laboratory;    8. Currently, the hot spots in the global life sciences field include: translational medicine and personalized medicine, brain projects, and genes Sequencing;   9. Give full play to the advantages of the company’s mastered technologies, and meet the needs of different industry applications to tackle local key technologies, and expand to other industries;   10, seize the strategic opportunity proposed by the Chinese government to build the “Belt and Road” and lay out in emerging countries And regional markets.
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