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How to use the constant temperature and humidity testing machine in order to reduce the failure?

by:GESTER Instruments     2020-11-17
Constant temperature and humidity testing machine is also called the constant temperature and humidity test chamber, constant temperature and humidity experiment box or constant temperature and humidity box, used to test the material in heat resistant to cold resistance to dry and wet environment quality. Widely used in batteries, electronics, electrical, electrical appliances, communications, plastic products, metal, building materials, and medical industries to detect the quality of the product. Constant temperature and humidity test chamber is set for high temperature, low temperature and hot and humid chamber, its difficulty is larger than other environmental equipment, maintenance and representative. So, as a user operation, understand and master how to correctly use constant temperature and humidity testing machine is very important! You are below brief introduction: 1, to avoid constant temperature and humidity testing machine, the machine fault, equipment need to be properly access the power of the rated voltage range; 2, in order to prevent electric shock or misoperation and fault, before the end of the equipment installation and wiring, please don't put through power supply; 3, banned in a flammable or explosive gas environment using constant temperature and humidity test chamber; 4, please do not open the test equipment run time, the door is opened at high temperature may cause burns to the operator, opened at low temperature may cause frostbite to staff, and has the potential to cause freezes evaporator, refrigeration effect. If must be open, please be sure to do some protective work; 5, prohibit unauthorized disassembly, constant temperature and humidity testing machine processing, modification or repair, or you will have to produce abnormal movements, the risk of electric shock or fire; 6, the equipment of all vents should be kept unobstructed, avoid failure, abnormal action, reduce the service life and the risk of fire; 7, before the test that the machine damage or deformation, please do not use; 8, equipment installation Settings be careful not to let the dust, iron and other things into the box body, avoid wrong action or failure; 9, connection must be correct, and must be grounded. Not grounded, misoperation accident getting an electric shock may be caused and display abnormal or have larger error; 10, regular check terminal screws and fixed frame, please do not use in the case of loose; 11, the equipment in operation, the modified setting, signal output, such as start, stop, before operation, should fully consider security, wrong operation can make the equipment damage or failure; 12, constant temperature and humidity test chamber need regular maintenance and maintenance. This article from the jester detection equipment, reprint please indicate the url: https://www. gesterinstruments。 Com/tags: & nbsp  constant temperature and humidity test chamber & NBSP thermostatic chamber testing machine & NBSP constant temperature and humidity test chamber manufacturer & NBSP jester constant temperature and humidity machine
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