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Luggage detector market slowdown

by:GESTER Instruments     2020-12-18
Luggage detector the cause of the market slowdown, according to new data in the first half of 2014, the national suitcase industry detector the total gross industrial output value of more than three thousand one hundred million yuan, rose 14. 86%; Achieve sales output value of 2980. 3. 6 billion yuan, rose 14. 94%. P these data suggest that suitcase industry detector slower growth has appeared in our country. Because of continuous deterioration luggage detector with the world economy environment and the development of domestic economy slowing, the industries continue to all sorts of problems exposed, resulting in suitcase industry detector are also beginning to present a cooling trend. Instrument is a micro processing system, or access to a microcomputer intelligent instrument. It through the electronic circuit to convert the measurement data, and logic operations on data stored by full automatic operation process to get accurate measurement, because of its powerful functions are applied in various industries. At present, the intelligent equipment update demand and demand of new intelligent detector ratio in ascension. In addition, the development of the network also pull the needs of intelligent luggage detector. Industry is expected, in the 2016 years later, our country's network into the phase of ascension, there will be part of the old, old upgrade of the meters, is expected in 2016 after the network power meter market growth in China will be more than forty percent.
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