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Purchase lithium battery before it is necessary to understand the lithium battery test standard!

by:GESTER Instruments     2020-09-03
The personage inside course of study all know, lithium battery standard general reference GB31241 - China 2014年,GB31241 - 2014 fully consider the lithium ion battery and battery pack of the most common electrical safety testing, environmental safety test, battery pack and the safety of system protection circuit test. The test items of the specific as follows. GB 31241 - 2014 standard test items as follows: 1, the battery type testing projects: initial test ( Battery capacity testing) , battery electric safety trials ( Normal external short circuit, high temperature and external short circuit, over charge, forced discharge, , environmental testing ( Depression, temperature cycle, vibration, acceleration shock, drop, extrusion, heavy impact, thermal abuse, burning jet) ; 2, battery type testing projects: battery test environment ( Depression, temperature cycle acceleration, vibration, shock, drop, stress relieving, high temperature, washing, flame retardant requirement) ; Battery safety test ( Over voltage, over current, under voltage battery charging, overload, short circuit, reverse charging, static discharge) ; 3, battery protection circuit type test project: if the battery pack itself with protection circuit, may also need to conduct battery protection circuit safety test ( Overvoltage charge discharge charging protection, over current protection, under-voltage protection, overload protection, short circuit protection, resistance to high pressure) ; On its own without a protection circuit but in its charger or the power supply of electronic products with a battery protection circuit of rent or battery, should also meet the requirements of system protection circuit safety ( Charging voltage and charging current control, control of discharge voltage, discharge current, charge and discharge temperature control) 。 GB 31241 - 2014 standard throughout, content is very comprehensive, standard test and requirements of is second to none in the world. The standard reference not only for the most part more than the standard test project ( Such as short circuit, over charge, forced discharge, burning jet, vibration, shock, etc. ) , at the same time also increased a lot of special requirements, such as washing, battery pack and the safety of the system protection circuit test. Increase the new project has great practical significance, closely related to People's Daily life habits. Especially with the development of new energy vehicles and promoting, the widespread use of electric cars, which needs to be strictly inspection to control the safety performance of lithium-ion batteries, in strict accordance with the standard to test the safety of the battery of the rear can into the market. If you need to purchase the lithium battery, might as well to know the test standard of lithium-ion batteries, especially GB31241 - 2014 the Chinese standard. This article from the jester detection equipment, reprint please indicate the url: https://www. gesterinstruments。 Com/tags: & nbsp GB - 31241 2014 lithium battery standard & NBSP lithium battery testing equipment & nbspGB31241 - 2014 lithium battery lab
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