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Tensile strength tester is often a problem? Maintenance didn't do it!

by:GESTER Instruments     2020-10-28
Tensile strength tester is often a problem? Maintenance didn't do it! 1 check whether there is a blind spot, load sensor: general metrological verification equipment 10% or even 20% of the maximum load for verification of the starting point, and a lot of bad quality of sensor error is below 10% or less great; 2, beam movement speed test: test the results obtained with different speeds is different also, so you need to calibrate the speed of the test verification; 3, host, improper material selection: if do large tonnage of metal test, because force all make itself produces deformation beams at the same time, and also affect the test results. So choose a good cast steel material is better, if it is cast iron material sometimes overwhelmed and direct fracture; 4, the installation of the displacement sensor location: because of the different design, installation location is different also, but the installation at the edge of the screw, will be more accurate than the installed on the machine; 5, detection of coaxial degree whether meet the requirements of standard production instrument, coaxial degree of accuracy if not enough, the experimental results deviation will be larger, especially for smaller values of the force test; 6, jig, long-term use, fixture jaw will be wear and tear will collapse tooth deformation, lead to clamping, or harm the sample, test results; 7, the influence of the synchronous belt or gear: if the machine in the production process is not enough attention, can accelerate the aging of the two parts, the life does not change in time will affect the result of the test; 8, safety protection device malfunction, the consequences may directly damage the instrument, haida engineers suggest users regularly check, some may also be caused because of software failure.
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