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Thanks to zhangzhou wanbao energy constant temperature and humidity test chamber of choose and buy more

by:GESTER Instruments     2020-10-29
Jester and zhangzhou wanbao energy cooperation began in 2018, more than in the past two years, many times from our company purchase more than constant temperature and humidity test chamber. Thank you very much zhangzhou wanbao energy of jester, jess special products the trust and support, we will continue to do a good job of service. Zhangzhou wanbao energy technology co. , LTD. Is a dedicated to polymer lithium ion battery, cylindrical lithium-ion battery research and development, production and sales of finished product assembly and battery of high-tech enterprises. Originally founded in 2004, the registered capital of 1. 500 million yuan, zhangzhou wanbao energy company has passed UL, CB, KC, PSE and other international safety certification, the establishment of a battery Pack design, production and services division, the monthly production capacity is 5 million only 6 million cylindrical lithium-ion batteries and polymer lithium ion battery, the sales network has covered China mainland market, products are exported to North America, Europe, southeast Asia and other countries and regions. Zhangzhou wanbao energy purchased from jester of constant temperature and humidity test chamber for lithium ion battery for high and low temperature constant and gradual change, mutation, alternating hot and humid test environment simulation test, reliability can also be combined with high charge and discharge ark use batteries charging and discharging test at low temperature. Microcomputer automatic control, selection of PID + SSR/SCR touch intelligent programmable temperature controller, unique way of balance, temperature humidity, with stable and balanced heating, humidifying capacity can be characteristics such as high precision, high stability of the temperature and humidity control, test temperature range for - 70 ℃ ~ 150 ℃, nonlinear no-load, average cooling. Can be a very reliable validation of the lithium ion battery adaptability to the environment, so as to avoid battery safety problems caused by climate change. City jester testing equipment co. , LTD. Is specialized in environmental simulation test equipment development, design and sales service, its products have a large capacity automatic spray fire-extinguishing explosion-proof high and low temperature boxes, programmable constant temperature and humidity chamber, but the program is high and low temperature box, hot and cold shock box, salt spray test chamber, aging boxes, get wet in the rain, sand dust box, drying box and other equipment, equipment has the stable running, high testing precision, explosion-proof performance is good wait for a characteristic, welcome the masses of customers to choose your preferred product. Tags: & nbsp  constant temperature and humidity test chamber & NBSP high and low temperature box & NBSP price constant temperature and humidity box
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