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The application of textile testing instrument of laser

by:GESTER Instruments     2020-09-12
Textile testing instrument in the application of laser textile testing instrument with the upgrade progress, rapid technological development in the textile testing instrument, laser has a special important position, reflected light reflected from the fabric surface will change. Perching textile testing instruments commonly used laser way: with a laser test to objective evaluation of fabric pilling, is according to the height of fabric pilling number, pellet and pellet on unit area total projection area to build the chondrules classification standard, the sample with compared to assess the fabric pilling grade. Woven textile testing instruments commonly used laser detection: laser reflection beam after the beam expander projection to the measured yarn, yarn being measured part of luminous flux, blocking the rest by the configuration of photocell receive and converted into voltage photocurrent and light. Yarn evenness thicknesses, keep out of luminous flux is different, the size of the light voltage and current are different.
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