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The gap between the domestic luggage tester industry and foreign countries

by:GESTER Instruments     2021-05-18
Introduction: At present, the production technology level of a large part of domestic luggage testers is still at the international level in the early and mid-1990s. The varieties of middle and low-end products are basically complete, and mass production is also possible, and the quality is still very stable. It is possible that the mid-range products and many key components of foreign companies account for more than half of the domestic market share, and almost all of the large-scale and high-precision instruments and equipment rely on imports.   Compared with foreign countries, the domestic luggage tester industry has the following gaps:   1. Low labor productivity: Because luggage tester belongs to the high-tech industry, the role of low labor cost is not obvious. The management level of domestic companies is generally lower than that of foreign companies, so the labor productivity of companies that produce high-tech products is far less than that of foreign companies.  2. Small scale of the industry: The total output value of the luggage tester industry is relatively low, not only the absolute amount is relatively small, but the proportion of the total economic output is also relatively small. The vast majority of the industry is small and medium-sized enterprises, lacking 'flagship' enterprises with relatively strong comprehensive strength. Domestic companies have relatively strong market operations capabilities for individual products, but lack comprehensive strength. Neither human nor financial can compete with foreign multinational groups in the market. Therefore, it is still in a weak position in market competition and lacks the capability of large-scale projects.  3. The investment in technology development is generally insufficient: Because almost all domestic companies are small and medium-sized enterprises, they cannot support sufficient and long-term investment in technological innovation in terms of human and financial resources. Take scientific instruments as an example. The development investment of foreign companies usually accounts for one-tenth of sales, but my country only accounts for 3%. 4. The stability and reliability of the product are problematic: Although the technical indicators of various tester products produced in my country are compared with the same type of foreign products, the gap may not be too large, but the stability and reliability are problems. However, it has not been fundamentally solved for a long time, which has become a serious obstacle restricting the development of my country's tester industry.   Investigate various reasons, one is because the research and development of the basic technology of the luggage tester has been neglected for a long time, and the second is that the quality of domestic general-purpose parts and basic parts is not good enough. Finally, the company's poor management of product quality control. The quality of the product is not good enough, and speeding up the development of the tester industry can only be on paper.  Related recommendation: The luggage tester industry has achieved results after structural adjustments
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