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Vertical extrusion power battery tester structure characteristics is introduced

by:GESTER Instruments     2020-09-16
Jester vertical extrusion power battery tester is used to simulate all kinds of power lithium battery in the transport, storage and use process, the battery squeezed and acupuncture, artificial rendering battery under strong external forces that may occur during different conditions. The device in the event of battery fire or explosion during the experiments can absolutely guarantee the personal safety and no test environment. Extrusion experiment, the battery should be no explosion, not party for qualified fire. Vertical power battery extrusion machine meet the GB/T 31485 - 2015年,GB / T31486 - 2015、GB / T 36672 - 2018, GB/T36972-2018 test standard. Jester vertical power battery to test its structure has the following characteristics: 1. Jester vertical extrusion power battery test the machine structure: overall for vertical structure, upper and lower two layers, the upper as the driving part, lower part for test, the hydraulic system is the external type. 2. Extrusion direction: vertical extrusion. 3. The controller and test separated in order to achieve the purpose of security testing. 4. Operating system: two kinds of manual and automatic operation mode, the device main body and the console ( The remote PC controller) Separation, remote maximum distance of 20 meters, the most time to protect the safety of the tester. 5. Observation window, the window size is 300 * 300 mm, the structure of bulletproof glass, glass labeled with explosion-proof membrane, inside and outside the observation surface built-in with square mass ejection stainless steel net, avoid explosives hit the window and observed at the same time in the protection of the internal testing. 6. Lighting: and high brightness LED explosion-proof lights, waterproof, prevent mist, explosion-proof function, can light up the whole test chamber, convenient to observe internal testing, explosion-proof lamp easy to remove the easy to replace the 7. : the door is. 1. Motor drive the precise ball screw automatic lifting, have direct chrome plated rods around each one. 2. Between the door and door frame adopts high performance sealing materials and special rubber seal structure, good sealing, high temperature resistance, anti-aging. 。 3. Equipment open way to automatically open the door, that is, do not need to manually to the door is open, click on the controller related function button the door is opened. 8. Safety induction switch: the door is open or the threshold of power switch, power equipment control section can't start, not for subsequent operations, only after the cabinet door closed, before starting control program for subsequent operations, play a protective role in the true sense. 9. Lock: by strong door hinge connected to the enclosure, anti shock handle door lock 10. Discharge pressure discharge critical functions: test case rear drive has a square discharge pressure discharge door, through the magnet adsorption, when the pressure in the cabinet, the pressure relief door was bounce off, unloading easy open mouth easily, after the completion of the unloading automatically adapt, sealing connection is good, easy to operate. 11. Scram protection: extrusion needle tester with & other; Stop & throughout; Button for emergency handling emergency situation. “ Stop & throughout; Button for critical cases, stop all movements of the extruding machine, to prevent the occurrence of harm. 12. Castor is fixed: at the bottom of the device is equipped with a fixed universal wheel and used in a fixed position of the adjustable support leg; 13. Jester vertical extrusion power battery test exhaust smoke exhaust systems: 13. 1. Smoke exhaust, and fire extinguishing system control alone, independent button on the controller. 13. Equipped with exhaust fan at the back of the 2 enclosure, and exhaust guide, can be an external suction fan. 13. 3 when smoke test sample, the equipment can automatically detect, and through the pipeline will smoke exhaust. 13. 4 box on the left side of the open air intake, at the same time at the end of the test can open the air inlet, the casing gas discharge quickly. 18. Fire prevention and fire extinguishing installation, system configuration a set of dry powder extinguishing device, placed in a box body side, such as battery to be tested on fire, but on the control panel extinguishing device for remote fire fighting operation. 14. Hydraulic drive system, variable pump oil supply system, hydraulic cylinder volume big, guarantee the fast charging, reducing the time of hydraulic pressure, and increase the cooling area, quickly reduce the temperature of hydraulic oil. 15. Monitoring system: 15. 1. Test box with high definition photos, video monitoring system were observed and recorded, camera to shoot the image clear data as part of the test report. 15. 2 camera can save data, and can be realized through the network camera remote monitoring and real-time observation, ensure the data is correct, the picture is clear.
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