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Zhejiang textile equipment moves towards intelligence

by:GESTER Instruments     2021-05-01
Reproduced from textile industry information. Zhejiang textile equipment is moving towards an intelligent process, and modern textile enterprises have an even more urgent need for intelligent and precision mechanical equipment. In order to adapt to this trend, since 2012, Zhejiang has built 9 key enterprise research institutes in the field of intelligent textile printing and dyeing equipment. Digital printing... effectively improves the overall level of the industry chain. These research institutes are becoming 'think tanks' for textile equipment manufacturers, and technological innovation has brought a wide range of high-end machinery and equipment with complete functions to the modern textile industry.   Winding is fast and good. The yarn has to be wound on the bobbin to enter the next process. Whether it is weaving or bleaching and dyeing, high-quality winding is required. The slender yarn, which is nearly 100,000 meters long, is quickly, evenly, and firmly wound on the bobbin, and finally it can be held with one hand without breaking ends, which places high requirements on the control technology. The automation control system of Zhejiang Research Institute can precisely control the movement of the electronic gear, so as to ensure that 'each piece of yarn is in its proper position.' Previously, a fully automatic rotor spinning machine was developed, which can replace imports; later, a high-speed semi-automatic rotor spinning machine was developed according to the domestic market demand, which is an international initiative.   Weaving and dyeing are innovative. Processing fabrics will leave a lot of dust. Zhejiang Research Institute has added an automatic washing and drying system to the machine, so that there is no need to manually disassemble and rinse. At the same time, a better heat recovery system has been developed, which can reduce heat radiation emissions and contribute to energy conservation and environmental protection.   According to the analysis of industry insiders, it can be seen from the results of many enterprise research institutes that the production of textile equipment is moving from 'manufacturing' to 'intelligent manufacturing'. The breakthrough in the core technology of textile equipment has brought the overall improvement of the industrial chain and directly promoted the transformation and upgrading of Zhejiang's textile industry. Labor shortage, shortage of land resources, and high requirements for energy conservation and environmental protection... Textile enterprises urgently need to improve the level of equipment, respond to the challenges of the new situation, and relieve the huge pressure in all aspects. The advent of a large number of intelligent textile printing and dyeing equipment has solved the urgent needs of enterprises. Article Source:
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