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Black technology! Solar roads can power vehicles and heat the road to prevent snow accumulation

by:GESTER Instruments     2021-03-20
Solar power generation pavement is a new type of pavement structure in which solar energy absorbing panels are laid on the existing asphalt concrete pavement or cement concrete pavement to generate energy from the pavement space. The solar pavement structure not only has the function of highway driving, but also has the functions of real-time wireless charging of electric vehicles, automatic heating and deicing of the road surface, and the LED lights on the battery panel can provide traffic management information such as traffic signals and traffic markings. Solar panels replace asphalt: roads use solar panels to generate electricity, which can save oil in two ways. One is that the electricity generated by solar panels can be fed into the high-voltage grid to charge electric cars; the second is that solar panels replace asphalt made from petroleum. Scott is an electronic engineer, and Julie is a psychotherapist. The road does not belong to the professional category of either of the couple. As the climate change debate intensified in the United States, the couple came up with the idea of u200bu200ba solar-powered highway. Some light-emitting diodes are also installed in these roads, which can light up road signs on cloudy days or at night. It is reported that these solar panels are also covered with mosaic-effect lights. At night, the small lights that light up can be used as traffic signs and warning messages. In addition, heaters can be 'embedded' under the road, so that in winter, there will be no more snow and thin ice on the road. Participating in the development of Scott (Scott) and Julie (Julie) said that they have developed a small number of solar-powered roads to prove the feasibility of their design. And they hope that one day they can launch their solar road in the United States first, and then further promote it to various countries, so as to contribute to the promotion of green energy. A family company in Idaho, USA announced its design concept for solar roads and has completed a prototype of a 'parking lot'. In this design, the solar panels can be 'embedded' under the road, and provide electricity for the surrounding vehicles to heat the road to prevent ice and snow: but they encountered many difficulties when looking for a smart alternative to asphalt. Scott said: 'It must have the structural characteristics of the current asphalt asphalt road, at least can provide traction, even in rainy days. That is one of the most important problems to be solved in the research and development of the top structure of solar panels.' After many tests, They finally succeeded in developing a kind of glass with high hardness and embossed structure as the pavement of solar panels. 'We don't want to call this material glass because it is very different from traditional window glass. But it is glass after all, so we can only call it that way.' In addition to the base, the solar panel consists of three layers. The first layer is a hard glass layer containing solar panels, LED lights and heating system. This translucent, high-strength, waterproof road surface layer can provide enough traction and allow sunlight to shine on the solar panels. The second layer is an electronic component layer with a microcontroller, which can activate the LED lights and has the functions of controlling lighting, communication and monitoring. The above circuit can sense the load and control the heating unit, so that the car can drive normally even in icy and snowy weather. The third layer is the waterproof chassis layer. In addition to protecting the upper electronic components from drying, it is also responsible for distributing the collected energy and data signals. Multiple solar road panels are connected to each other to become a smart solar road, forming a smart distributed power grid. Overhead solar photovoltaic highway: The core technology of overhead solar photovoltaic highway is photovoltaic power generation, which is relatively mature. There are large-scale projects using photovoltaic power generation at home and abroad. However, the installation of photovoltaic power generation corridors above the road surface requires the use of a large number of complex monitoring systems to ensure the healthy and safe operation of the highway system. There is no application case yet. At the same time, the operation, maintenance and management of overhead solar photovoltaic highways have a greater impact on the existing maintenance mode and cost of highways. Therefore, the applicability, feasibility, and cost-effectiveness of photovoltaic power generation corridors as highway infrastructures laid above the road surface need to be studied and demonstrated. The developers further elaborated that the solar roads they designed will have high value. The first value is definitely the good use of solar energy. If successfully installed nationwide in the United States, it can provide more energy for the entire country. renewable energy. Solar power pavement and overhead solar photovoltaic power generation corridors are milestone revolutionary innovative technologies in the development of roads, and are the frontier direction of the cross-development of green energy and road traffic technologies.
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