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Domestic textile tester has a small market share

by:GESTER Instruments     2021-05-17
Recently, Jester learned that the process of imported textile testing-equipment' target='_blank'>testers 'cannibalizing' the Chinese market has intensified in recent years. While losing market positions and suffering huge economic losses, my country is also facing multiple hidden dangers such as increasing the difficulty of breaking technological monopoly .   The domestic textile tester industry has a global market share of less than 3%, which is out of proportion to China's huge consumer market. This industry in my country is an emerging industry, and neither production capacity nor Ru0026D can meet market demand, especially high-end products still rely on imports. At present, the extremely high-frequency equipment used by many institutions is basically imported products, and other domestic products can only account for about 60% of the total domestic demand.   The phenomenon that high-precision instruments rely on imports is very common in institutions. A reporter visited some machinery in Chongqing and found that almost all high-end instrument products are imported products from Japan, the United States and Germany. In addition to large institutions, it is also difficult for some small institutions to find domestic products.  Many users basically do not consider domestic products in terms of high-end products. In 2010, the export value of Chongqing's textile tester industry accounted for about 30% of the company's total annual output value, showing an obvious export-oriented development. The disapproval of domestic textile testers by Chinese institutions is prominent, and it is difficult for local enterprises to expand the domestic market.
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