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Fabric moisture wicking test heat and moisture transfer method

by:GESTER Instruments     2021-04-12
At present, the commonly used instruments for testing methods of fabric heat transfer mainly include flat-panel moisturizer and fabric precision thermophysical tester; the commonly used instrument for moisture transfer testing method is breathable cup; the instrument for clothing heat and moisture transfer test is sweating and warming people. dummy.     1. The flat-panel moisturizing instrument uses a hot plate with a constant temperature, and considers the heat required to maintain the constant temperature of the hot plate, that is, the constant temperature difference heat dissipation method. This instrument is suitable for measuring the moisturizing properties of various fabrics. The testing standards that have been established in China are GB 11048-89 and so on. By covering the sample on the test board, the test board, the bottom plate and the surrounding protection board are all controlled by electric heating to the same temperature, and maintained at a constant temperature in a power-on and off manner, so that the heat of the test board can only be dissipated through the direction of the sample , Determine the heating time required for the test board to maintain a constant temperature within a certain period of time, and calculate the warmth retention β, thermal conductivity K and Crowe value CLO of the sample.     2. The fabric precision thermophysical property tester is fast and precise in thermal testing, and is widely used in fabric heat transfer performance testing. The heat is transferred to the fabric through the heating plate and diffused to the environment, the electrical energy consumed by the heating plate is measured, and the thermal conductivity K, thermal resistance Rd, and warmth retention rate β of the fabric are calculated.     3. The breathable cup test method is the main method of fabric moisture permeability test, which has a wide range of applications. Many testing standards have been established at home and abroad, such as: ASTM E96-00, ISO 2528, JIS L1099-1985, GB/T 12704-91, etc. The moisture permeable cup tests the moisture permeability of the fabric by placing the fabric in a humidity gradient at a certain temperature to test the amount of water vapor permeating a unit area of u200bu200bthe fabric per unit time. The moisture-permeable cup method can be divided into moisture absorption method and evaporation method. The moisture absorption method simulates the degree of moisture absorption of an absolutely dry object: the evaporation method simulates the speed at which sweat vapor passes through the fabric.     4. The sweating manikin is an ideal testing device for conducting experiments on clothing insulation. Its body shape, section division, joint activities, metabolic heat generation, body surface temperature distribution, skin radiation coefficient, etc. are all in line with the anatomical and physiological characteristics of the human body. It can simulate the surface temperature distribution of the human body and conduct thermal research related to the human body. The indicators for the thermal and moisture comfort test of clothing using the thermal manikin are the moisture resistance Re, the moisture permeability and the thermal resistance Rd. More about Moisture Absorption and Perspiration Tester: http://www.standard-groups.com/TextileGarment/21.html
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