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Furniture testing instrument life testing parameters

by:GESTER Instruments     2020-11-20
Furniture furniture inspection instrument life parameter detecting instrument at the time of testing life is driven by motor rotation test platform, the output pressure in the cylinder on the sample, through the touch screen output digital signals to detect the life of the furniture. Furniture life specific test parameters: a. Digital display RPM rotation frequency: 5 - 15 cpm b。 Rotation Angle: optional arbitrary Angle repeatedly turning or single direction work mode ( Such as: 90 degrees, 180 degrees, 360 degrees c) c。 Cylinder output: 158. 5kgf d. Mechanical structure: ensure that seat frame residual and pneumatic rod eccentricity is 2 inch e. Count range: 0 - 999999, have stopped, power off memory function f. Bearing surfaces ( Seat surface) Height: 350 800毫米g。 Wheel diameter: 740 mm h. Power supply ( Power) Single-phase 220 v / 50 hz / 3 a j. Air: air pressure: greater than or less than zero. 5mpa; The flow rate is greater than or equal to 800 l/min; Air filter water, dry processing l. Master Hugh size: 1200 * 1000 * 168 mm wide m long. Weight: 212 KGS instrument co. , LTD. Address: songshan lake high-tech industrial development zone of science and technology research building website nine road no. 1: http://www. tony0769. Com/company mailbox market @ gester - 仪器。 Com Hu Yunxiang: + 86 - 595 - 22515230 phone: + 86 - 595 - Fax: 22515230-0769 23394660 qq: 23394660
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