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High low temperature test chamber of common failures and troubleshooting methods

by:GESTER Instruments     2020-09-02
A common troubleshooting 1 high low temperature test chamber. High low temperature test chamber in high and low temperature test, such as temperature change can not meet the test temperature, check electrical system troubleshooting, one by one. Such as the temperature rises slowly, can't see the air circulation system, damper wind circulation is normally open, otherwise will check the wind circulation of motor operation is normal. Due to the temperature overshoot, we'll need to reset the parameters of PID. If the temperature rises again, over temperature protection, if the controller fails, replace the control instrument. 2. High low temperature test chamber after low temperature reach when the tests of the index, to carefully observe the change of temperature, if the temperature drops slowly, has reached a certain value if the temperature or temperature rise again, the former should check whether low temperature drying before the test, the studio is dry. 3. High low temperature test chamber in the use of test samples to studio to do the test, test samples are placed in the studio too much, it is possible that lead to the high low temperature test chamber failure occurs in the box. In rule out these reasons, this is will be hot need to consider, whether in the refrigerating system failure, please let manufacturer of professional and technical personnel, for maintenance. 4. Humid heat test, the actual humidity reaches 100% or actual humidity and humidity difference, value is very low in addition, the phenomenon of the former: may be caused by dry wet gauze ball sensor, check will sink wet bulb sensor is the shortage of water resources, water tank is by a water level controller in the automatic control, check whether the normal water supply water supply system water level controller, the function of water level controller will bright red light hint whether water level is normal. 5. Another case is to use for a long time, the purity of water wet gauze, gauze harden, yarn cloth to absorb moisture and dry, just need to replace or clean gauze, can eliminate the phenomenon. The latter phenomenon is mainly humidification system cannot work normally view of water supply system, add wet system, must observe the water supply system, water level control box furnace, water level control is normal. In the water level in the contents, and whether it is normal. If everything is normal, should check the electric control system, should ask professional maintenance personnel for detection and maintenance. 6. When a device failure happens suddenly, in the process of commissioning control instrument on the corresponding fault shows that prompt and voice alarm prompt. Operator can control the operation of equipment failure quickly exit and mobile, quickly see what kind of failure, can let the personnel quickly ruled out fault, to ensure the normal operation of the test. Other high low temperature test chamber in use there will be another kind of phenomenon, is a specific, concrete analysis and ruled out. 7. Programmable constant temperature and humidity test chamber, and regular maintenance, regular cleaning of the condenser cooling system, moving parts should be according to the specifications and lubrication, electronic control system, such as regular maintenance inspection, work is necessary.
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