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How does the textile instrument industry conduct market research?

by:GESTER Instruments     2021-04-24
The textile instrument industry is a niche industry. At present, there are not many powerful companies in China. The market share of the industry leader 'Standard Group' is also about 30%. Other companies basically have low market share. It is essential for the market to understand market research and intelligence collection. What steps can the current market research work in the textile instrument industry start from?     1. Data analysis   Data analysis: Collect and analyze the internal and external data of the existing textile instrument industry.    2. Market research   Philip Kotler: Market research: systematically designing, collecting, analyzing and reporting data and survey results related to the specific marketing situation faced by the company.   generally refers to the actual market survey, that is, the method of obtaining relevant data and survey results by taking actual market and customer objects as samples and conducting survey visits on the samples or observing and studying their behaviors.   (1) Inquiry method: refers to a survey method that obtains data from interviewees through direct interviews, telephone surveys, mailing questionnaires, etc. ◆Individual interview method: interview respondents with direct questions ◆Telephone survey method: interview by telephone ◆Mail questionnaire method:   Investigate in the form of opinions.  ◆In-depth inquiry method: a method of digging out customer motivations through in-depth psychological investigation  (2) Observation method: the method of observing consumer behavior in person or through machines and equipment. Including: personnel observation method, machine observation method 3. Market experiment method Market experiment method: first observe the reaction of the experimental group and target group under the same conditions, and then carry out marketing activities on the experimental group within a certain period of time, and then conduct marketing activities on the two groups Methods of conducting post-mortem investigations.   Market experiment is also called test marketing, and it is an important method used to test products and understand market reaction when new products are introduced into the market. For example, the enterprise sets up a trial shop by itself.   Existing customer survey: It is to use existing customer resources to analyze the overall situation of the textile industry and conduct a regional sample customer return survey.    Marketing research program  Marketing research is an orderly activity. It includes three parts: preparation phase, implementation phase and summary phase.     Research preparation stage  This stage is mainly to determine the purpose, requirements and scope of the research and formulate the research plan accordingly. There are three steps involved in this stage.   (1) Raising of research questions: Marketing research personnel propose topics that need to be investigated according to the requirements of decision makers or new situations and new problems discovered in marketing research activities.   (2) Preliminary analysis: According to the survey topics, collect relevant data for preliminary analysis and research. In many cases, marketing researchers are still not clear about the research question needed or cannot grasp the key points and scope of the research question and cannot determine the content of the research. This requires collecting some relevant data for analysis to find out the crux. To lay the foundation for further research, this research method is usually called Exploratory Research (Exploratory Research). The sources of data collected by exploratory research include: existing data, data obtained from investigations by experts or related personnel. After exploratory research, the problems that need to be investigated have been clarified, and there are the following problems to be solved. (3) Develop a research plan: the research plan determines the purpose of the research, the specific research objects, the steps and time of the research process, etc. In this plan, the selection method of the survey unit, the collection method of the research data, and the processing method must also be clearly specified. problem. The main task of the survey implementation stage at this stage is to organize investigators to collect data in depth according to the research plan. It also includes two work steps:    (1) Organize and train investigators: companies often lack experienced investigators. To carry out marketing research, the research personnel must first be given certain training, the purpose is to enable them to have a clear understanding of the research plan, research technology, research objectives, and the economic and legal knowledge related to the research.   (2) Collecting data: The first to be collected is the secondary data (Secondary Data), also called secondary data. The sources are usually statistical data published by state agencies, financial service departments, industry institutions, market research and information consulting institutions, etc., and some are published in research reports or books and papers of scientific research institutions. The method of collecting these data is relatively easy and less expensive. We generally call the research conducted by using second-hand data as desk research (DeskResearch).
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