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How to differentiate between transportation vibration table and electromagnetic vibration table?

by:GESTER Instruments     2020-11-23
We found that in the process of accept customer consultation service, many customers don't know you need is to simulate motor transport vibration table or electromagnetic vibration table, a lot of customers without even knowing the difference between the two, here today to make a distinction, the hope can help you to solve the confusion. Everyone can be distinguished in the following two aspects: the difference between a: transportation vibration table to the requirement of equipment for frequency is measured by speed, maximum speed 300 RPM frequency is 5 hz, and electromagnetic vibration table 1 - 600Hz,1- 3000 Hz or even 5000 Hz is some, if you are on the frequency requirements, that you need is the electromagnetic vibration table. Difference between 2: as you need to test the product to distinguish between what's your purpose for the vibration of the sample? What kind of vibration in order to achieve the result? Motor transport vibration table just as its name implies is the simulation of the automobile transportation conditions, in terms of machine itself, is the machine set a certain speed, running after a period of time to look at the situation between the packing and items, or whether the packing itself have wear, broken and so on, some of its main parameters are: load, effective work mesa, speed, etc. And electromagnetic vibration table, it is a very simple equipment, mainly used in electronic products have the effect of a filter. If it isn't clear you need is which a device, do not prevent can undertake some offer as follows, the main is thinking of how to a vibration effect: 1. The strength of the structure; 2. Combination of loose; 3. Wear protection materials; 4. The breakage of the components; 5. Poor contact of electronic components; 6. Short circuit and intermittent instability; 7. Each piece of the standard deviation of; 8. Early to bad a screen; 9. Looking for parts, the resonance of relationship between structure, packaging and delivery process, to improve its resonance factor. To simulate the transport vibration, in short, is a kind of original, simple zui, zui foundation vibration, vibration and electromagnetic vibration is relatively high. Jester company research and development manufacturing sales simulating transportation vibration, electromagnetic vibration table ( Including harmonic vibration, the horizontal vibration, vertical vibration, vertical + horizontal vibration) , welcome any inquires, we will serve you wholeheartedly, one-on-one to provide technical solution for you! This article from the jester testing equipment company, reprint please indicate the url: https://www. gesterinstruments。 Com/tags: & nbsp  vibration table manufacturer & NBSP transportation vibration table and the difference between the electromagnetic vibration table & NBSP electric vibration table manufacturers
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