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Principle and operation method of reciprocating fabric flat grinder

by:GESTER Instruments     2021-05-04
Principle of structure The instrument generally uses sandpaper or gauze as the abrasive. It is mounted on the abrasive rack, and the fabric samples are laid on the front and back platforms under a certain tension. It is clamped by the chucks on the front and rear platforms. Due to the weight of the abrasive rack, the abrasive is in contact with the fabric sample and abrasion occurs. The number of times the fabric is worn is counted by a counter. This instrument can separately test the abrasion resistance of the fabric in the warp and weft directions. The test requires a shorter time and the wear area of u200bu200bthe sample is larger. The disadvantage is that the test conditions can not be changed except for the variable number of sandpaper, so the applicability to various fabrics is poor. In addition, wear debris is easy to deposit on the surface of the sample, so it needs to be cleaned frequently to avoid affecting the test results. Operation method ① Before the test, first lift the abrasive frame upwards, and then push the front platform backwards to make the springs jump up and hook the front platform. ② Use a brush to clean the entire surface of the platform. ③Choose the appropriate number of sandpaper (usually No. 280, No. 400, No. 500, No. 600), and clamp the sandpaper on the abrasive holder. The width of the sandpaper is generally smaller than the width of the sample. ④ Loosen the chucks on the front and rear platforms, extend one end of the cloth sample into the chuck of the rear platform and tighten the other end of the cloth sample into the chuck of the front platform, and use the cloth iron sheet to make the cloth surface level. Then tighten the front chuck. Lift down the spring plate to make the cloth sample subject to a certain tension. ⑤Place the abrasive rack on the cloth sample, and at the same time turn the timer to the zero position. ⑥Start the motor to test. In the wear process, after a certain number of wear, the abrasive holder must be lifted, and the wear debris on the surface of the sample must be cleaned with a brush. The number of times the sample has been worn can be read by a timer. The wear level of the fabric can be selected according to needs.
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