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Programmable three box is high and low temperature box structure is introduced

by:GESTER Instruments     2020-11-27
Programmable three box is used to simulate all kinds of high and low temperature box materials, electronic electrician semi-finished products, finished products, such as high and low temperature constant and the gradient, mutation, alternating, humid heat test environment simulation experiment using reliability test and combining with the charge and discharge cabinet can high batteries charging and discharging test at low temperature. Temperature cycling test for this machine can be application, can be divided into many control, direct the U700 - TH programmable touch-screen control system, need to set up the experimental program, to complete test need for personnel to stay for a long time care, designed specifically for the busy laboratory staff. It has the following structure: structure: inner box material: mirror stainless steel plate. Carton material: A3 cold-rolled steel vertical lines of the lacquer that bake. Insulation structure design: effectively prevent system. after the condensation. Bao wen layer: the thermal insulation layer ( Rigid Polyurethane foam + glass wool, 100 mm thick) 。 : the door is left open a single type, open view window. Double insulation forced air tight tight, effective isolation body heat exchange inside and outside. Vacuum glass observation window: three layer, the sample (s) for inspection use window design: anti-perspiration electric heating device, to prevent condensation. Lighting design: high brightness window light, convenient for observation test. Test hole: on the left side of the body & psi. 50 mm test hole 2 machine pulley: convenient mobile ( Adjust the placement) With a strong bolt ( A fixed position) Supporting the use. The shelf in the cabinet: SUS stainless steel # 304 square punching steel shelf 2 slices and track 2 groups ( Adjust the spacing) 。 Communication interface, a USB data interface, can connect the computer, print curve, etc. Case number: 3 boxes, independent control system, independent power supply control system, the independent high and low temperature system, can be separated from work at the same time. The respect customer, our company is high and low temperature box respectively single box type, double chamber, three box, enter type, programmable, explosion-proof, such as large capacity, excellent equipment design, stable operation, high test accuracy, explosion-proof pressure ability is good, very suitable for manufacturing enterprise to do an experiment. At the same time we have constant temperature and humidity box get wet in the rain, cold and hot shock box, box, sand dust box, aging box, drying box, environmental testing equipment and so on the salt fog box, welcome you to choose suitable for your product. Tags: & nbsp  three-story cryostat & NBSP jester high and low temperature test chamber & NBSP high and low temperature box manufacturers
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