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Teach you correct use of battery testing equipment testing power battery safety performance

by:GESTER Instruments     2020-10-15
In the field of new energy vehicles, lithium battery power battery with relatively high energy density and output power to get more and more widely used. But the performance and life of lithium ion power battery will attenuation with the continually use, what is more important in the use of different environments have different situation. Prone to low specific capacity, such as in cold low temperature attenuation serious phenomenon, such as high temperature thermal runaway lead to explosive of spontaneous combustion risk. It is also necessary so the battery safety performance testing equipment, in the process of production and manufacture of battery, each process is to be strictly controlled. Of lithium ion power battery safety in the field of new energy vehicles using the correct testing equipment of these potential safety hazard caused new energy automobile consumer confidence. So on lithium ion power battery safety value and carry on the improvement of study is very necessary to help reduce battery safety hidden danger and accident frequency, to reduce or avoid the damage power battery in security issues. Below we began to explain and introduce the following battery safety performance testing equipment: 1. Battery application of explosion-proof box: to prevent the battery during overcharge discharge explosion or burn the test personnel from unnecessary damage, generally we in the production of explosion-proof box, box use steel materials, explosion-proof window use explosion-proof window, explosion-proof effect is very good, in the process of use is very safe. 2. Battery extrusion machine use: mainly used for extrusion process of battery simulation by external forces, through artificial simulated extrusion of the external force to test the performance of the battery and the change of the safety of the battery, if the battery is on fire and explosion are not qualified. 3. Mandatory the use of internal short circuit tester, battery mandatory internal short circuit testing machine is used for simulating the battery under certain temperature conditions forced internal short circuit test, test cases for stainless steel body, temperature uniformity, good quick exhaust function, test immediately after the completion of discharge of waste gas. Tags: & nbsp  battery extrusion machine & NBSP battery explosion protection box & NBSP mandatory internal short circuit testing machine
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