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Tensile testing machine installation and operating instructions

by:GESTER Instruments     2020-10-23
Tensile testing machine shall ensure that the installation on the road for leveling concrete floor or floor tile. At the end of the tensile testing machine installation, a variety of accessories and any special tools sorting placement is good, easy to use, convenient search. Shall guarantee the tensile testing machine office environment clean and dry rashness, in case the component early destroy and unexpected situation. Tensile testing machine has strict management to the temperature and environmental humidity, should guarantee the installation environment indoor temperature 10 ~ 35 ℃ and humidity of the air & lt; 80%RH。 Should guarantee the tensile testing machine installation road no vibration, no corrosion and strong magnetic fields. Tensile testing machine safety under actual operating rules: 1, startup and host computer startup sequence will harm the computer communication reset Settings, so try to please customers demanding described in accordance with the startup sequence. 2, every boot to heat after five minutes, after being stable system software, to carry out the experimental work. 3, if soon starts, must restart, at least to ensure that the guarantee guarantee guarantee a minute spacing of the spacing of the spacing of minutes time interval of time. 4, after changing a jig, the first to pay more attention to adjust good adjustable flat washer adjustable flat washer adjustable flat washer adjustable flat washer. 5, especially in value with a small force sensor experiment, must adjust good adjustable flat washer parts, in case of wrong operation and destroy small force sensors. 6, in the process of the experiment, not far away from the tensile testing machine. 7, any time can not be charged call waiting power plug can not be charged inserted dial power plug can not be charged into the power plug can not be charged call waiting power plug, otherwise very easy to destroy part of electric control system. 8, in the experimental process, in addition to the termination of the function keys and abrupt stop button, don't need to other function keys on the control box, or you will harm the experiment. 9, large deformation when not in use, please put two collet in protection equipment, or turn away, in case of bearing beam of the move in the move the whole process of touch bad collet. 10, conversion, small force sensor, be sure to keep in mind that changing the experimental mobile phone software, otherwise very easy to produce overweight and destroy small force sensor. 11, need not use unknown or hard disk in the tester have nothing to do with the machine manipulation using write or read on a computer disk, in case of a viral infection. 12, computer to stringent step by step in accordance with the system requirements, all normal standby, or it will destroy a part of program flow, cause all mobile phone software can't normal use. 13, this computer is used to test instrument control and data processing method, do not install other inside a computer system software, in case the tester system software can't normal operation. 14 after the experiment, a tensile testing machine, make sure to turn off all the switching power supply. The interpretation of the above is the tensile testing machine installation and operating instructions, hope can help you, if you want to learn more about information of tensile testing machine, welcome to the online consulting service or call the company service hotline ( Website top right corner) For consultation, we will wholeheartedly provide high quality service for you! Tags: & nbsp  tensile testing machine
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