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Test method of static electricity between panel and touch screen

by:GESTER Instruments     2021-03-25
Static electricity has always been a concern of the semiconductor and panel industries. The electrostatic discharge and adsorption caused by it will cause component damage and affect the yield of production products. Taking the panel industry as an example, glass panels are constantly rubbed, moved, adsorbed, pressurized, separated, heated, cooled, etc. during the manufacturing process to generate static electricity, and electrostatic discharge will occur under certain circumstances. Due to the large panel size, high integration, uneven static electricity distribution, narrow test space, and long test distance, it is difficult for traditional handheld electrostatic field testers to measure accurate electrostatic voltage values u200bu200band cannot meet the current panel technology testing requirements. Therefore, Weili introduced a brand-new online electrostatic detection equipment from Hanwa of Japan (as shown in Figure 1). It uses a multi-point detection probe and uses three modes of numerical, visual, and graph switching to display electrostatic data in real time. It is the latest online , Functional testing solutions. Using this equipment, we have carried out relevant tests in different process sections of the panel industry, and obtained the original data and visual images with the supporting software (as shown in Figures 2 and 3). Figure 2 The original Excel data (showing the amount of static electricity corresponding to different test points) Figure 3 The visual image (different test points show the amount of static electricity by the shade of color) throughout the panel transfer process, through post-data and image analysis, different links can be found The change of static electricity on the surface of the panel, according to the specific change rule and data comparison, gives us more means to discover and improve the potential hazards of production (as shown in Figure 4). We can use the information generated by this new system to analyze whether the machine grounding is good in the process, whether the anti-static effect of the roller and thimble is as expected, whether the ion bar installation position, angle, and height are appropriate to determine the various anti-static measures to be taken. Whether electrostatic means are effective. More about static tester: http://www.kangjingdianshebei.com/productlist/list-5-1.html
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