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Textile tester is an important part of the information industry

by:GESTER Instruments     2021-04-15
Introduction: Textile testing-equipment' target='_blank'>tester is an important part of the information industry, and it is also a necessary means to test the performance, quality and safety of fabric products. Its development can directly affect the technological progress and independent development of the electronic information product production industry and national security , Can reflect the comprehensive strength and competitiveness of a country.  Recently, the domestic textile tester has developed rapidly, spreading to all walks of life. The first is the research on the basic theory of measurement technology: new test theory and method research, artificial intelligence theory research, new measurement and control bus and system structure research, frequency base traceability, research on standard acquisition methods, measurement and instrument standard research and formulation These are the key points in theoretical research in the future.  Secondly, the development of measurement technology: The relatively fast-developing technologies now include new technologies for comprehensive testing and fault diagnosis, new technologies for digital signal processing, advanced measurement and control bus technology, optical frequency standards and new precision time-frequency testing technologies. Finally, the development of modern production technology for measuring instruments: The design and production level of instruments and equipment is an important indicator to measure a country's scientific and technological industrial foundation and industrial capacity, which runs through the entire production process and life cycle of the entire product. In the future, in the research of textile tester production technology, attention should be paid to solving the problems of product design and process supervision mode, researching new instrument devices, developing high-precision and high-quality special components and parts, and the quality of the whole machine. Testing equipment, researching virtual test verification and engineering verification technology, advanced production technology and process, researching new evaluation methods for maintainability, stability, reliability and testability, and product standardization certification system. Based on the development trend of the booming textile tester industry, with the organization invitation in place, we firmly believe that this year's customers will not be disappointed in terms of quantity or quality, and can effectively promote the number and transaction of corporate orders the amount.  Related recommendation: my country's textile tester has achieved rapid development
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