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Thanks to jiangxi province the sea science and technology co. , LTD. And work together

by:GESTER Instruments     2020-10-30
Thanks to jiangxi province the sea science and technology co. , LTD, cooperating with jester, during the period of cooperation has maintained good relations of cooperation, we do our best to do service work, thanks to jiangxi province the sea science and technology support for jess in Trinidad and Tobago and trust. The group was founded in July 2003, has more than 10 years experience in electronics industry and specialized in research, development, production and sales of charger, mobile power supply, power adapter, such as intelligent household electronic products of private high-tech enterprises, relying on the deep industry experience and a strong marketing network, has developed into more than 3000 employees, has a modern standard factory building 60000 square meters of high-tech enterprise, can provide independent complete ID, circuit design, structural development, open mold, injection molding, wire rod production, SMT, AI plug-in assembly, finished product one-stop service delivery. Company now has the product one point five one hundred million charger and an annual output of ten million mobile power supply capacity, operating income of more than 1. 5 billion yuan in sales ability, occupies about 10% global market share, in the world the top five in the same industry and the domestic industry group in the same industry first, the profitability of net profit more than RMB 100 million per year. Product description and introduction: automatic insertion force testing machine is suitable for all kinds of connectors insertion force and output test, tie-in patent device, design the automatic evaluation of heart will receive completely accurate insertion force test, using the Windows Chinese screen set, simple and convenient operation, and all data can be stored ( Test conditions, the displacement, the graph, the life curve, inspection report, etc. ) Solve the problem of all kinds of connector test fixture and the test of male female connector can automatic alignment, won't have a problem for unilateral. With dynamic impedance test system, can be in insertion force at the same time testing dynamic impedance and map ( Load - Stroke - Impedance curve) Jiangxi province the sea science and technology co. , LTD mainly bought our programmable constant temperature and humidity test chamber, automatic insertion force testing machine and so on environment and the mobile phone test safety performance testing equipment. We all know that the security performance of the electronic products are mainly the characteristics of the battery, emergencies, improper application, the environment changes, etc. The incident ( Such as electronic product under the influence of temperature, connectors compression and tensile failure strength test, etc. ) , improper application, Such as overcharge, discharge, etc. ) The environmental change ( Such as high temperature, high humidity environment, etc. ) Was the cause of the main safety problems, and so on a need to pass layer upon layer inspection of electronic products in the factory, the battery production enterprises purchase environmental safety testing equipment and mobile test is very necessary. Jester testing equipment co. , LTD is a professional research and development design, production, sales of battery safety testing equipment of high-tech enterprises, our new offer one year free warranty service. R&d and production in the industry we are zui early one of battery safety performance test equipment manufacturers, after 12 years of rapid development, our company owns a complete production system and mature production technology, for more than 30 of the invention brick certificate, more than a dozen computer copyright certificate, certificate of honor more than a dozen high-tech products, product market reputation is good, the best-selling domestic and exported to overseas. If you have a need to buy test equipment, can contact us, we will serve you wholeheartedly.
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