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The crisis and predicament of the textile tester industry

by:GESTER Instruments     2021-04-14
Although the overall trend of the entire instrumentation industry is good this year, the textile testing-equipment' target='_blank'>tester industry still has its own crises and difficulties. The chairman of the my country Instrument and Instrument Association said at the meeting that the era of continuous double-digit growth in production and sales and profits of most companies has passed. The entire textile tester industry is entering a small number of companies that are developing rapidly, and most companies are flat or low. A new period of growth, and about 20% of companies are losing money.   From the perspective of the three major sectors of the industry, industrial automation, scientific instruments, and commonly used instruments, the first two parts of the industry have been in the hands of foreign companies all the year round due to their high technical content. In recent years, the process industrial automation system in industrial automation has completely broken the foreign monopoly due to the remarkable results of the scientific and technological progress and industrialization of the control system companies, and it is worth mentioning that because the demand in this area is not expanding rapidly. Therefore, the market is abruptly snatched from foreign companies, which is what Xi Jiacheng is extremely proud of.   There is also a big gap between China's textile tester technology and foreign countries. Most of the high-end products need to be imported, and there is currently no major breakthrough. As the most commonly used instrument for mid-to-low-end products, due to the gradual fullness of the market, the export has turned weaker in the past two years. From this point of view, high-tech is still the most critical node facing the entire industry. As an industry with strong high-tech features, how the instrument will develop in the future depends on how to break through the threshold of high-tech products. In addition, in the future, how to integrate instrumentation with civilian use will become a very important development direction of the industry. The new industries that can be extended from this are likely to be countless, and the instrumentation is diversified. Xi Jiacheng likes to hear about it. . He felt that after the US Apollo moon landing plan, a large number of military measurement and control technologies and equipment were rapidly industrialized and civilianized, which led to a large number of industries in the United States. How does China do this, and how better military and civilian use can be done? The transitional connection is a bright spot in the development of the textile tester industry and the entire instrumentation industry in the future.   The above information is compiled and released by shoe material tester manufacturers. It is a related introduction to the crisis and predicament of the textile tester industry. Please indicate the source for reprinting!
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