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The development of the furniture tester industry is restricted by the objective environment

by:GESTER Instruments     2021-05-08
Abstract: The old system is a common problem that restricts the development of my country's economy, especially the development of state-owned enterprises. The same goes for the furniture testing-equipment' target='_blank'>tester industry. Some state-owned enterprises were unable to break free from the historical burdens because of the long-term fetters of the old system. They lost their vitality in the market competition, their production and operation were seriously declining, and a large number of key enterprises were struggling to survive. Struggling, so speeding up system reform is an important way to develop.  The development of the furniture tester industry is restricted by the objective environment mainly in the following aspects:   1. my country's basic industry capabilities are relatively poor. Including service capabilities, product quality and reputation capabilities are relatively poor, directly affecting the development of the industry.  2. Furniture tester companies are generally small in scale, with few production batches, and the total output value and economic benefits are not high. However, modern instrument products have a huge boost to the national economy and produce incalculable multiplier benefits. For industries with this special attribute, a 17% value-added tax is levied like other industries, 35% income tax and the same proportion of tariffs are too heavy.   3. There is a lack of procurement policies that support the development of the national industry.  4. The authorities at all levels of government and industry, as well as taxation, banking, industry and commerce departments have insufficient understanding of the importance of developing the instrument product industry, and insufficient support. To develop modern furniture testers, we must concentrate excellent talents and invest huge amounts of capital. Therefore, we need a group of large companies with certain economic strength to drive the development of the entire industry as leading enterprises. Restructuring will inject new vitality into their development. Because the instrument industry is generally small in scale and not long in history, the 'burden' is relatively light, and the product structure is easy to adjust, so the difficulty of restructuring is relatively small. It is recommended that the state put forward clear requirements for state-owned enterprises to accelerate the pace of restructuring , Will have a positive role in promoting the development of the instrument industry.  Related reading: Furniture tester website should combine its own actual situation for marketing
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