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The domestic textile tester loses the risk of 'unbearable' in the application

by:GESTER Instruments     2021-05-17
Regarding the domestic textile tester, the main problem encountered by users is that its comprehensive performance indicators are generally weaker than imported ones, and the reliability is poor. Some people in the industry have found that many domestic instruments compare individual indicators with foreign products, but ignore the overall indicators and system performance. For users, the instrument that customers expect is an overall indicator, not an individual indicator.  Some major users have their own set of unique standards when purchasing textile testers. First of all, it depends on whether the comprehensive performance indicators of the product meet their requirements, such as detectability, repeatability, short-term stability and long-term stability, linearity, etc. The second is the well-known product, and the last is the price.   Because many people have suffered from the loss of domestic textile testers, they no longer tend to take risks in the process of providing services to customers, especially those of some well-known brands, and generally use mainstream international equipment. An important reason for this choice is that from a one-time investment, domestically produced instruments may have an advantage, but from a long-term cost of use, foreign products are relatively mature, reliable, and very detailed, making it more likely. Bring great benefits to enterprises and users.   Buying domestic textile testers is basically a waste of money and time. Someone emphasized, 'This degree is not a simple question of ideas, but researchers dare not waste their money and time.' 'No matter how cheap you are, I don't have the time and energy to evaluate you.' The problem he reflected is straightforward. Refers to the long-term mismatch in the development and application of instruments.
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